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Monday, February 17, 2020


When a man majors in cooking, he does it exceptionally well! Obasina Yemi David is using his culinary gifts through his brand Omoba Super Roaster, Catering Services & Event Planning to redefine the art of cooking in ways only your taste buds can testify! everything Omoba Super Roaster touches becomes delicious! Contact him today for your next event and it will the most memorable ever!
Name: Obasina Yemi David

Brand Name: Omoba Super Roaster, Catering Services & Event Planning

Services: Assorted Meals, Local & Continental Dishes

Education: Olumo high school,sabo Abeokuta.

Business Idea: I got the idea when I was working in Mr Bigg's headquarter kitchen in Oregun  lkeja,my catering experience isn't complete without this great company & also from a friend who is already into the business.

Initially, I wanted to be making it only for my family & friends for free. So, I made BBQ Turkey in a particular bachelor's eve in Maryland for free around 2008 & everyone that had a taste of it fell in love with my BBQ. A friend of mine with a fellow friend drove down that night, they had a taste also, unknown to me that the guy that followed my friend down was into music, he wanted to do a  video shoot & after party, he then invited me to make BBQ for him. As a matter of fact, I got two job through that bachelor's eve. One around Berger & another in Ikotun. Then I said to myself I can turn this to business, since people are in love with it & I have passion for it.

Driving Passion: Customer's commendation & feedback after rendering services to them. As matter of fact, I have received extra cash after rendering services to customer's & other gift item useful for my business, this is always giving me an assurance that we will definitely get there sooner than expected.

Unique Service Trait: The quality of job, procedure & the taste.
So many people that are into my kind of business are always after making excess gain, so they're always managing ingredients/recipe. And their products will come out tasteless.

Current Business Challenge: We are in a country where it's not about how good you're in a particular field, but about who you know.
It's very annoying when you see people who don't know jack in your field getting big contract & you're being side lined because you're a relative of nobody.

Business Expansion Wish: I honestly wish to have branches in the civilized countries, I want to be expanded all across the globe.

Hustle Quote: “You can't shine my shine. In my appointed time, I will shine my own shine


Facebook: Da Psalmist Prince(Omoba)

Instagram: Da Psalmist Prince(Omoba)

Facebook Business page: Omoba Super Roaster,Catering Services & Event Planning.


  1. I'm wowed
    Don't know what to say than saying big thanks to husslewella.

  2. I'm wowed
    Don't know what to say than saying big thanks to husslewella.