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Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Amazing Aniido is an unapologetic lover of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a gospel artist.The IS SWEETING ME crooner is using his musical gifts to spread the message of God's love and wants to influence the next generation so much so that the world will know and become very familiar with the true message of the  gospel of Jesus Christ.
Name: Aniido Udeme David
Services: Gospel Artist
Education: Diploma in Mass Communication

Business Idea: I was the kid everyone knew would be an artiste because I have a great voice and I love singing a lot. 

Being brought up in the church also gave me the opportunity to express my talents early enough in the children's church etc.  The rest as they say is history.

Driving Passion: First of all its about service for me, in the church (which is my primary constituency) I serve in the choir as lead singer, back up, song writer and so on.
This is my divine calling and that's what I'm up and about every day. 
Thank God for my pastor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who have given me several platforms and opportunities to share what God has given me with the worldcom
Music is what I love doing naturally and spreading Gods message of Love is my mandate. Since I discovered I could do both together with one being part of the other, it’s just wonderful for me.
Now I enjoy putting in the work so I can do it with excellence to the glory of God.
Unique Service Trait: I'm not a stereotype gospel artiste. I try to be sound more mainstream than "churchy", my message is targeted at the people who are not spiritual, I upgrade people spiritual by giving out "spiritual information".
I also love adding "showmanship" to my ministration. I believe that must be why God gave me my electrifying good looks, it is for his work.

Challenging Experience: Someone got me very angry just as I was about to get on stage. The person was complaining about my jacket that I shouldn't be wearing that, even pulling at it and trying to physical take it off me.

The MC was already announcing my name and people were cheering expectantly. It took the special grace of God not to blow up and cause a scene right there, but I pulled free, pulled myself and my emotions together, when on stage to bless Gods people.  I thank God for that grace.

Current Business Challenge: Every now and then challenges come and God always gives me the victory.

Business Expansion Wish: I want to cover the world with my music, not just my recording but writing songs (gospel and inspiration) for other artistes. Influencing the next generation so much so that the world will know and become very familiar with the true message of the  gospel of Jesus Christ.


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