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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Ebonydecore Interior Adornment: Giving Professional Interior Solutions Like No Other

Ebonydecore Interior Adornment is an interior decoration company located in Ikeja, Lagos state. Nigeria.  Ebonydecore Interior Adornment specialises in giving professional interior solutions to companies, small offices, commercial homes, Residential homes, luxury shops, Hotels and any space in a building that need to be beautifully adorned. We are able to travel anywhere, just to give that beauty to every space that needs our quality touch.
Name: Sonia Ehwehwe
Brand Name: Ebonydecore Interior Adornment

Services: Painting walls, Furniture/Furnishing, Window blinds and curtains, LED POP ceiling designs, Interior Accessories 


We select the appropriate course and advice in paints that can be used on different interior space we have studied that colours we use for different spaces have special effects on our psychological and mental health. Studies have shown that some colours make us fatigue or hyper. Some colour is just good to create effects and accents walls. We have skilled professionals that apply the paint perfectly on the walls with expertise. We also offer other unique wall designs and art.


Furnishing any space is an integral part of any interior space of a building.  So many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong furniture just because they love the colours or designs. In ebonydecore, we check out the space and ensure we use the perfect Bedframes, Wardrobes, walk-in closet, kitchen cabinets, Living/Sitting room(sitting rooms are smaller than living rooms) chairs and tables including side stools, console tables, office chairs, board room tables, Reception desk etc for the perfect space where it is required. We use the best of woods like The Ebonywood, that is known for the durability of more than 60years, and it is believed to be a powerful wood.

Window blinds and curtains: 

Though most times is a matter of choice, some spaces strictly need window blinds eg Offices because of easy maintenance and cleaning. While some homes and hotels may opt for curtains or window blinds but not all spaces need window blinds and not all spaces need curtains. There are different curtains and styles for every space.

Flooring:  We ensure you choose the perfect flooring for space. Though we install 3D epoxy flooring, their other flooring options we can install for you. Flooring is one area of focus most people miss when decorating various spaces and end up repaying for new flooring at a later time.  3D floors and Pakey wooden Flooring are not good for water-dense areas,  laminate flooring, marble flooring, tiles are the best for such areas

LED POP ceiling: We advise most clients that gypsum boards POP is the best solution for hot weather as they absorb heat and can be changed anytime you are tired of a particular design. lightings can easily be installed on gypsum POP boards, can be repaired often and easily. lighting brighten up space

LED POP innovative wall:  most times, this is used as an accent wall, especially for the TV unit in a house or in an office space to create an effect of light or as an accent wall design 

Interior accessories:  All spaces need to be beautifully adorned with Artworks, sculptures,  clocks, artefacts, flowers, vases, rugs etc, in order to make space stand out, and create an awe-inspiring effect to whoever enters the space. Accessories can either be used to make space feel bigger or smaller. 

3D visual Blueprint design: As interior designers our job to be able to create the design you need, even before it becomes a reality. It's important to us for our clients to see the way space turns out and also make changes before their total financial commitment. So we create a 3D visual blueprint design for your desired space, so you see exactly what the outcome will be before and after it is actualised. 

I hope I have been able to enlighten you about our services and we hope to hear from you, so we can work together creating that WOW effect for every human that enters into your interior environment. 

We plan to have Furnishing production industry here in Nigeria that would serve the world. 
One of our challenges is the availability of our target clients, we need more eligible Nigerians to patronize us, so we can offer our excellent values to them and in turn give us the value we need too.


Address: 35 ABBA Johnston, Akora Villa, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos state.

Mobile/WhatsApp number: +2348133364773

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