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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


At first glance, Ihuoma could easily be mistaken for a fragile teenager especially with her petite frame and easy going personality but behind the look is a very tough young woman who has survived hardship, mastered street life and now thriving unashamedly.

Born Ihuoma Gladys Akubueze from ezinihitte Mbaise LGA of Imo state, she is known on the street as PORTABLE or MADAM CASH (as inscribed on her tricycle).
Her journey into street life as a Keke driver started when she was working as an attendant at a filling station. The pay was low and could barely sustain her and the job was demanding. She was only managing to survive from the filling station job.

One day, Ihuoma had an interesting conversation with one young man who was a keke driver and who constantly bought fuel from the filling station she worked. They talked about the Keke business and after hearing what was made on a daily basis, Ihuoma knew she had to quit the filling station job and join the keke hustle.

At first the keke man refused to teach her to drive the Keke because she was female but Ihuoma was determined and won't take no for an answer. After much persuasion, he gave in and after a few days of training, she was driving Keke with ease.

Her first challenge was how to get Keke to use for the business, she couldn't afford to buy one and didn't have anyone to help. She struck a deal with the young man who taught her to drive so she used his Keke the days of the week he didn't work and from there she started.
After that, she was able to get another Keke to use and remit an agreed amount to the owner daily. Soon, from asking questions she found a microfinance bank that did hire purchase for keke riders and she went and collected from them.

From that point till now, Ihuoma has had a very interesting journey on the streets. She has had her own fair share of bitter experiences, challenges and down times especially as a woman in a male dominated environment, but she is holding strong and pushing forward.

Today, she owns her own Keke and already saving for the second one. Now she can afford to take care of her needs, support her family and inspire young women to thrive no matter the situation they find themselves. She has not had it easy but with determination she is making progress in her life. Ihuoma dreams of owning her transport line and becoming one of the biggest names in Nigeria transportation industry.


Phone: 09036638203
Facebook: Azaman Brown Portable

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