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Saturday, January 11, 2020


It is with utmost joy in my heart that I welcome you reading this post to the year 2020. I am super glad we all made it to the New Year and very excited to experience all the joy the year 2020 holds for every single one of us.

The year 2019 was another landmark year for Hustlewella as it marked the launch of Hustlewella YouTube video series (The Hustlewella Show).

At the beginning of 2019, it didn't look like it was even remotely possible to commence the video series in that year as 2019 started with me struggling with a mad schedule and mountain high pressure from my job (Yes I am still holding on to my paid employment. I need the pay to sustain myself and build my dream business and will have to keep combining it with Hustlewella until we are strong enough to go solo).

Early 2019, I struggled to have anything posted on Hustlewella blog (in fact it was in February 2019 I was able to post New Year greetings on the blog!). It was so bad that I couldn't find time to follow up with Hustlewella feature prospects so I was barely able to showcase budding entrepreneurs on the platform but managed to post few articles from time to time. I feared for my Hustlewella dream as I totally understand the importance of consistency especially for #startups like myself.

Mid 2019, I was transferred to the Ikoyi branch of our company and that was the break I so needed! With that, I got home earlier than when I was at the fabrication yard (by the way, I am contract administrator😁) and the huddles and delays that came with the boat movement to and from the yard plus the accompanying stress was suddenly eliminated. I was super elated.

With passionate fire in my bones, I set out in full force trying to catch up on the months I had lost early 2019. I was deliberate about making Hustlewella work. I re-iniated contact with the prospective features, started making arrangements for the video series. I worked in the bus as I made the trip to and from work, I stayed up late nights working on my dream and used any free time I could afford to do something (no matter how small) towards making progress.

As a result of the above, the Hustlewella features came back and started becoming frequent and in August 2019 (precisely on my birthday 8th August) the Hustlewella YouTube video series was launched!

From that point till now, it has been a progressive movement all the way! (Thanks to God and all the people that were my support system all through 2019) Right now we have features of budding entrepreneurs on the blog every week and a new Hustlewella video episode released weekly too (As this is being written, we have 18 episodes currently airing on Hustlewella YouTube channel
). We have features for months to come already planned down and being followed up aggressively. The 2019 that started on a not so promising note turned out to become one of Hustlewella's most productive year eventually.

I share these stories from time with you all so we understand the growth process. I know Hustlewella is a global phenomenon (Yes we may not look like it now, but in the end it shall speak). We are headed to the top most top and I am committed to sharing the journey with you all so when the glory comes eventually (it surely will...time shall tell) we can all relate with the story behind the glory.

Building a business is not easy and building it while doing a full time job (in Lagos for that matter! Plus the demands of motherhood and family life) makes it more difficult but IT IS POSSIBLE if you are willing to pay the price (time, money, disappointments, failures, criticisms, discouragement etc.).  The capacity not to bail or jump ship when these challenges come, the ability to hold on and keep pressing forward despite the odds is much needed for success.

In this year 2020, Hustlewella is set for heights untold and to break limits like never before. Some of the targets for the year include consistency in both the blog posts and the video series, achieving thousands of YouTube subscribers (if you are reading this and haven't subscribed, please do now to support the movement and social media followership and other self and corporate development steps to ensure better service delivery.

Volunteers are needed, a social media manager and a personal assistant are needed.  We are open to contributions and suggestions to move Hustlewella forward.

The year 2020 promises to be a landmark year for Hustlewella and we are delighted and super excited to see the heights we will attain in the coming months.

I pray someone finds hope in this long epistle. You can still make something out of that hopeless looking situation, the many NOs you are getting today shouldn't discourage you from trying again (trust me the needed YES will come). Forget that others have started ahead of you. We all have separate lanes to tow in this our earthly sojourn. You might not be able to run at the pace others are running at the moment but run still. When you can't run, walk or crawl but never quit because glory awaits everyone who endures till the end.

A very important ingredient I want to share with you as we all race for greatness in 2020 is the power of faith and prayers. Faith in God the sovereign of all has given me an edge in every area of my life and in the place of prayer, I have won so many battles that would have ordinarily consumed me. Try it this year 2020 as you dream, aspire, target goals and aim high and see the wonders it holds.
Happy 2020 once again.  I wish you the very best in all your endeavours this year and look forward to your testimonies as you attain those heights.


Yours in the Hustle,

Uche Ucheka.

TWITTER: @HustlewellaBlog
PHONE: 090911467766


  1. This is great. Thanks for the submission, place of prayer and faith in God... God bless our hustle this year 2020 IJN. happy new year to u and all the team member of hustlewella.