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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


She struggled with all the emotions that comes with having to breastfeed a baby in the open glare of strangers and from that struggle, she got inspired to create a permanent solution to the challenge a number of women face as they nurse their babies. Meet Susan Banjo Oladosu, the CEO of Aridunnuomo Enterprises, the super woman who has discovered a solution to a very crucial  struggle women all over the world face.

Name:Susan Banjo Oladosu

Brand Name:  Aridunnuomo Enterprises

Services:  Nursing covers, Hand pillow sleeves, Mom's Nursing Bib, Kiddies feeding Bib etc.

Education:   I had my first degree in Dramatic Arts from Obafemi Awolowo university, ile- ife(2009) and later on proceeded for my Masters degree in Theatre Arts at the university of Lagos(2013).  Well I didn't stop at that, lol. I also have a Post graduate degree certificate in Education (2015).
I have also been privileged to be trained by the US government in Nigeria at the first inaugural Academy for Women entrepreneurs with a certificate attached and also a certificate in Micro venture at the Covenant University, hebron start up lab. 

Business Idea: Phenomenal! When I had my Baby, I was in so much pain because of the CS I did. In the midst of that pain, I had to breastfeed and it wasn't convenient at all.  To make it worse, I had total strangers, acquaintance and neighbours trooping in to greet me and then I had no choice than to breastfeed in full view of everyone that came because it wasn't convenient going and coming out.

It wasn't comfortable opening my breasts for everyone. It didn't make sense.  I got disturbed and said, I can't afford to feed the whole of Lagos with my personal breasts. Lol! Something had to be done and wowwww, the idea of the Nursing cover dropped in my spirit and I began to design it in my mind right there in the bathroom and here we are today.  I produce Breastfeeding Nursing cover that gives mothers the privacy they deserve and for their breast while the hand pillow sleeves which is the first in Nigeria helps to lift the Baby to the breast level and also serve as head rest for our cute little one.

Driving Passion: What really drives my passion is the fact that I am providing a solution. I love to create.  I am very very creative and spontaneous.  So creating innovative products for Mothers and meeting their needs gives me so much joy and push that I can't explain. I just want to bring comfort to family.  The stress of motherhood is much, let's lessen it.

Unique Service Trait: Our Unique value proposition is that our Nursing covers is first of its kind in design all over the world. The design is unique and so beautiful.  Moreover, our products are made of light weight cotton which is safe for a child and in addition we are the only producer of hand pillow sleeves in Nigeria which is a complimentary product. 

Furthermore, we have created two other unique products.  Namely, "Mom's Nursing Bib and Kiddies feeding Bib”. We are also the first in Nigeria to produce Bibs for mothers and somewhat it is not even popular even in the western world. I searched, I didn't see...Mothers go through a lot of stress changing and taking their bathes regularly because of spills from introducing solids to their Babies from 6 months. Instead of changing your dress, wear a Bib.  That's unique and different and to make it less stressful, they are easy to clean.  Sometimes just wipe...

Outstanding/Challenging Experience:  That would be my first orders out of the country.  I was super excited and didn't do my costing right and reinvested the cash into materials for more products. It affected my logistics plan of sending it to her in the UK as at when I wanted. The client was such an amazing woman and she was so helpful even though I tried to deliver way earlier than i did yet she appreciated it and said it came earlier than she thought. It was a big lesson to me because I didn't want to soil my integrity. 

Current Business Challenge: Honestly it would be offline marketing.  Going out and taking my products where my target market is. The team and logistics to make it work. 

Secondly ,finance to launch other fantastic and mind blowing products. 

Business Expansion Wish:  Hmmm, to see my products in every maternity store and consequently on Amazon and other big platforms. 

Another bugging desire and wish is to see my products being bought by the average earner.  I hate the idea of class segregation  and structure and differentiating my brand for various class groups . I believe every mother is special and deserves everything beautiful and classy. So one day,I hope that there will be so much money and we can start producing in mass thus reducing cost and price coming down so that every Nigerian Breastfeeding mother can get the premium package .

Hustle Quote: “NEVER GIVE UP and START that idea no matter your level

Contact: Phone:  07034680901/08033882358

Susan Banjo Oladosu 

Instagram- @Aridunnuomoprod 

Twitter- @Aridunnuomopro1


  1. Beautiful!!!! Inmovative!!! Outstanding!!!! And other beautiful names you can think of...and it's a brand Nigeria too. God bless you for this long overdue innovation. My ovaries are on fire!