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Friday, December 13, 2019


The holy book said that whatever our hands finds doing, we should do it with all diligence and that is exactly what Micheal Iloduba is doing with his Corporate water brand. 

The concept of wearing suit and tie and hawking drinking water in Balogun market has made him popular, helped him have a regular source of income and has brought him several media attention and opportunities he never imagined would have been possible and has given him a life purpose to pursue.

Name: Micheal Iloduba Chukwuebuka

Brand Name: Corporate Water

Services:  Corporate Bottle and Sachet water

Background/Education: I hail from Anambra state of Nigeria but was I born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria. I attended a public secondary School of which I have an SSCE certificate as the highest certificate for now.

Business Idea: The whole idea of corporate water was born out of frustration and strandedness.

It all started February 2019 I went in search of a menial job to feed and to assist my parents because I come from a poor family (my dad is a driver and my mom is a petty trader and I have got 3 siblings). I was wearing suit

That very day I left my house by 5:30am with five hundred naira (#500) and that was the only money I had in this world, so I managed N300 from where I live down to CMS. On getting to CMS I started trekking from CMS to silverbird, from silverbird to eko hotel, from eko hotel to lekki toll gate then from tollgate back to CMS by that time it was already 4pm and I was very hungry because I had not taken anything edible that day.

Meanwhile I still had the remaining N200 change on me, so while I was seated at that CMS bus-stop thinking of how to go about my t-fair and feeding because I knew that N200 could not do anything. I was thinking of how to multiply that N200 and I just said to myself that I can just sell pure water and raise some money.

I was putting on complete suits (mind you I have never hawked before then) I just decided to give it a try because I needed to complete my t-fair and I needed to eat something because I was really hungry. So I was lucky to meet one of those people that sell pure water at CMS after persuading him; he gave me 1bag of water for N130 and rented his bucket for N10 to me.

Not minding that I was wearing suits, I just carried the water on my head and started shouting corporate water here!!!!!!!!! And people start buying because I was wearing suits! To cut the long story short I sold more than 50bags of pure water from that 4pm-6pm and calculating my money that day I made about N3500. And since then I have been selling corporate water till date because I now see it as my business.

Driving Passion: The fact that I encourage and inspire people out there and it also feeds and pay some of my bills keeps me going.
Unique Service Trait: I am the only one dressing corporate to sell bottle and sachet water(it's a marketing strategy).

Current Business Challenge: Rainy weather and t-fair. Most times when the rain falls people don't get to buy water. These days cost of transportation is now expensive, initially I pay N700-N800 to and fro, now I pay N900-N1000.

Power supply (when there is no light and we use ice blocks to cool the water and it doesn't profit as it should. 60% of the profit goes to ice blocks purchased.

Business Expansion Wish: I want to start up pure water production and it will be named corporate water because corporate water is already a registered business in Nigeria.

Hustle Quote: “CORPORATE WATER never be dehydrated, good water is life

Contact: You can reach me on social media platform
IG handle; @corporate_purewater
Twitter; @authenticmiche3
Direct number call/WhatsApp; 08166525676

And also I need support from kind-hearted Nigerians to make this corporate water dream a reality.

For cash support; 2250321906 zenith Bank Micheal iloduba chukwuebuka

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