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Monday, November 18, 2019


Sent to learn tailoring at very young age because his family could not afford to send him to school, Sesesco discovered his passion for fashion design early.

Sesesco was particularly interested in the ankara material and would often experiment unpopular designs with it. He had a longing to specialize in this passion of his but because he was under the tutelage of his master and could only sew things he was instructed to, he couldn't fulfil this longing of his.

A time came when he mastered courage and decided to go in pursuit of his dreams. He requested freedom from his master and went into a future with zero assurance only armed with his vision and passion.

He started as small as he could afford then, he used both local and foreign fashion magazines to make ankara designs of virtually every clothing item in the magazines ranging from tops, gowns, trousers, skirts to even bikinis, pants and bras. These unpopular ankara designs soon drew attention of many to his fashion design skills.

Initially he only made the ankara clothes for family and friends and survived with the little he was given but by being consistent and creative he soon was able to attract other clients. After a while he managed to get a little space where he started using as his own tailoring shop and soon after that, business picked up and he became popular for his creative talent with the Ankara material.

Unfortunately for Sesesco, his tailoring shop was sited at a location mapped out for a government project and was soon demolished. That left him stranded and without a single idea of how to pick up again. He lost his shop in the location he had grown popular and where he had accumulated a sizeable number of customers but he still had his talent and passion and that was hope enough for him.

Today, Sesesco has found a little spot at Ado road in Ajah, Etiosa local government area of Lagos to start all over again. He is an expert Ankara designer (male and female) and is determined to be a force to reckon with globally in the field of fashion and design.

Phone: 08032801419 (Call and WhatsApp)

Instagram: sesesco_fashion_world


  1. Nice work...I know you have always been innovative it is paying off now..keep it up..

  2. Great work, keep pushing and u will achieve ur goals