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Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Meet Goodness Adeosun the CEO of GUDIE Designs a brand for high quality crocheted  foot wears. She has dedicated years of hard work to her craft and always comes up with unique designs which sells at amazing prices.

Also a medical student at the university of Ibadan, Goodness is not letting go of her hustle spirit and determination to make her crocheted foot wears renowned world wide.

 Name: Adeosun Goodness

 Brand Name:  GUDIE Design

Services:  Crocheted foot wears.

Education: 400 level medical student at the university of Ibadan.

Business Idea: The brand GUDIE designs is as a result of my love and ultimate appreciation for creative activities. I have cousins that were coming over to Nigeria after a long stay abroad and I wanted to give them something unique knowing fully well that they would come along with something for I and my siblings and what came to my mind first was to make a Crocheted shoes. I tried a lot of times but failed to achieve the design that was in my mind but I kept trying until I finally got the design and also discovered different other designs in the process of trying. People around saw it and appreciated it and suggested I could start a brand with just this few designs and I did.

Driving Passion: The aim of Nigeria having a brand like mine that other countries in the world would look up to it and see Nigeria as a country that has the strongest and most unique foot wears.

Unique Service Trait: I make use of twine thread to Crochet the shoes and also because my designs aren't copied but initiated by me.

Outstanding Quality: Simplicity, uniqueness and dedication to what I do.

Current Business Challenge: combining school and business. School Is the most important thing to me now, so I'm not able to give the best of my time in business ,so sometimes things end up fluffing up

Business Expansion Wish:  Just to be a renowned brand like the likes of Gucci ,Versace.

Hustle Quote: “The hustle brings the dollar. The experience brings the knowledge. The persistence brings success.” – Ross Simmonds

Instagram- gudie_designs
Phone number-+2348169678549 .


  1. Beautiful 🥰❤💘💘...simply breathtaking! I am so getting one or two or even more....