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Wednesday, November 20, 2019


The uncompleted chair was lying outside like an abandoned dump of waste, the carpenter refused to complete the job (typical of many handiwork people) and they badly needed the seat. The young man didn't know what to do but he knew that the job has to be completed one way or the other as they couldn’t let those items go to waste.

After weighing all the available options, Ayo decided to take up the challenge and finish up the work abandoned by the carpenter. Ayo had never done carpentry work before and had no idea what to do, he has never built a thing in his life  and for this assignment he was determined to undertake he just knew he had to join the  woods, frames, foam and other available materials together to make a chair anyhow and so he  went to work.

His elder brother watched him battle with the job, saw his commitment to the task and was quite pleased when he was able to get the chair ready. At that point, an idea struck Ayo's brother and he said to him why don't you go learn furniture making as a handiwork? Still excited from his latest achievement, Ayo agreed. His brother and registered him as an apprentice and so began Ayo's journey into the business of furniture making.

It's been years of hard work, Ayo has been through so many challenges in his journey. He has been tempted to give up hope at some point but he held on, worked hard and found ways to get better at his craft.

Today Ayo is a proud owner of his own furniture business. He is well grounded in making beds, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, dressers and drawers and every other furniture work.  He has converted every challenge he ever faced to learning ladders and stepping stones for a better future.

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