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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Akon is a professional makeup artist and the CEO of Akonifiedatelier a beauty studio that defines the beauty of every of every one through makeup.

At Akonifiedatelier beauty studio, your beauty needs are met for every occasion with passion and professionalism.  Special deals and discounts are available for everyone.

Name: Donatus Akon Blessing

Brand Name:  Akonifiedatelier

Services:  Professional Makeup

Education:  Delta state university.

Academic in Accounting and Finance.

Business Idea:  It all started when I just graduated. I was eager to know more about makeup and the idea of enhancing one's beauty.

Driving Passion: Passion for what I do and also wanting to succeed in the industry.

Unique Service Trait: I deliver extraordinary services, I focus on my customer's needs, I've been able to carve out and narrow down a niche for my work in the makeup business which are my unique brows, I love my customers and I reward them with discounts and specials deals.

Any particular outstanding/challenging gigs you want to share with us?  A client has once shouted at me because Akonifiedatelier wasn't a known name to her and that incident was very embarrassing. 

Any public misconception about the industry you want to debunk? People should stop seeing makeup as just doing anything, or making someone not looking like one's self, instead they should start appreciating it, seeing it as enhancing one's beauty.

Current Business Challenge: Yeah my major challenge right now is that people don't pay value for what they know is quality. I.e. the market is full of makeup artists that are diminishing the market. You see artists doing makeup for one (1) thousand Naira etc. and  by so doing it's quite challenging as an upcoming makeup artist.

Business Expansion Wish:  To become a household brand, own a beauty school and a product line of my own.

Hustle Quote: “Be Consistent, Humble, Passion driven, Deliberate and Intentional

08134268446, 08082919636 (WhatsApp and calls)

Instagram: @Akonifiedatelier

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