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Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Ifeanyi Iriele popularly known as Ghetto Youth a model, fashion designer, fashion stylist and actor is a proof that greatness can emerge from anywhere and that with determination and  resilience one can achieve anything in life. Born and bred in the ghetto, Ifeanyi Iriele has broken barriers and he is now earnestly pursuing his dreams and shining the light with his FROM STREET 2 SKY PROJECT  for other ghetto youths to maximize their potentials and live their best lives.

Name: Ifeanyi Iriele 

Profession: Model, Fashion designer, Fashion Stylist, Actor.

Driving Passion: I want my name to be known all over the world. Everyone has to die someday, but even when I’m gone, I want my name to live forever. 

Education:  Madonna University with a in computer science.

Business Idea:  I realized that there is no originality in what we see these days. Most people just want to copy or follow what is in trend, so I decided to create a brand that people can relate to and be inspired as well.

Unique Advantage: - My personality, my style and my perception of life are what make me stand out. Like Adekunle Gold would say “Money don’t buy charisma”

 A Defining Moment: Some time ago, I was with a fellow fashion designer friend of mine and I told him about a new collection I was working on, and he shared some ideas with me to help my brand. Few days later he shared a post with me on Instagram, and behold I saw models on the runway at Lagos Fashion Week wearing the exact type of designs I wanted to produce for my collection. The designer happened to be one of the biggest fashion Designers in Africa (Mai Atafo). I felt so bad, but after much thought, I realized that if such a big designer could think of the exact same thing I had in mind at that level, then I have the potentials of becoming a greater Designer.

Current Business Challenge: Finance has been a major challenge for me in the fashion industry. We have so many designs but little funds for production.

Business Expansion Wish: My greatest expansion wish is to take my brand FROM STREET 2 SKY that is from the ghetto to the world. I want to give hope to every hopeless broke child out there that feels that there are limits to what they can achieve. I want them to know that poverty and bad economy doesn’t stop you from achieving your Dreams, rather it makes you stronger. “As long as you can Dream it, you can achieve it” with HARDWORK, COMMITMENT, PERSEVERANCE and most of all PRAYERS because “There is no limit to what you can achieve”.

Hustle Quote: “Live to express and not to impress, work for a course and not for applause

Contact:  Facebook | ifeanyi Iriele
Instagram | @Theghettoyouth
Twitter | @Theghettoyouth
Call or chat | +2348148885911

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