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Tuesday, September 24, 2019


A favorite uncle of mine who has been a father to me in more ways than I can begin to describe right here and now has a local name which only family members know and that name is IWEYEMUCHE and to literally translate that, the name means Anger gave me sense or Anger made me wise and that name is so in line with the story of Yusuf Faruq.

Few years back while he was in senior secondary school, Yusuf Faruq was in dire need of a school sandal and being that he was growing up in a home with limited resources where his mother struggled to sell plantain for their survival, he had nowhere to get money to buy a new pair of school sandals.  In the midst of his confusion, Faruq remembered he had a friend who was a cobbler and immediately went to him to beg him to make a pair of sandals for him.

With the little money he had on him, Faruq was able to buy some of the materials his friend needed to make the sandals.  Faruq’s friend started the sandals but sadly dumped it halfway to concentrate on jobs that would bring him money. Faruq went to his friend’s shop on several occasions to beg him to complete his sandal so he could have something to wear to school but all his pleadings landed on deaf ears.

Faruq was very disappointed and also in a tight corner as he needed the sandals badly for school. He had no money to purchase a sandal and his cobbler friend who he trusted to bail him out had bailed on him. He felt hopeless, disappointed and very angry.

One day out of anger, Faruq stormed his friend’s shop and confronted him. They quarreled badly and Faruq angrily stormed out of the shop with his half made sandals.  It was in the midst of that intense anger that he looked at the half made sandals and wondered what the big deal was in making the sandals and then told himself that he was going to finish up the sandals by himself by any means.

 After much pondering on how to go about making the sandals being that he had no single tool to use for it not to mention the knowhow, Faruq headed out to find a cobbler’s shop. He found one few streets away from his house and went in. He explained his situation to the cobbler and begged the man to borrow him tools to complete the sandals. The cobbler agreed and Faruq sat down and started working on his sandals the best way he could. He even used the man’s filing machine to complete the job.

The next day, Faruq wore the sandals to school and was surprised to see that his classmates liked it, they asked him who made the sandals and he told them that he did it by himself and immediately he got three orders of sandals from his classmates. He collected money in advance from them, went to the market and bought materials he needed to make the sandals and again headed to the cobbler’s shop to make the sandals. That was how Faruq's journey into the business of shoe making began.

Today, Yusuf Faruq is a trained cobbler. He does virtually all kinds of footwear and leather work. He is supporting his mother and other family members from the proceeds of his shoe making business and has dreams of going global with his craft.

Name: Yusuf Faruq.

Services:  Shoe Making and Leather Works.

Education:  I attended vetland senior grammer school agege Lagos. 

Business Idea:  Anger birthed the business I do today. I also, enrolled at the vocational training at the woman affairs and poverty alleviation center, Mushin centre.

Driving Passion: I so much love creativity, seeing well manufactured handmade products.

Unique Service Trait: Keeping to time and producing the best and quality demands.

 Academic Qualifications: I am an SSCE holder.

Current Business Challenge: Financial challenge. The industry is wide and we have young talents out there that need to be empowered by the government. 

Business Expansion Wish:  To be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Hustle Quote: “FACE YOUR FEAR”

Contact:  07082301430 (Call and WhatsApp)


  1. Beautiful...I am witness to his timely delivery of quality and eye catching footwears. Plus Faruq is courteous and very attentive to details

    The sky is you limit buddy. Hustlewella, God bless you for this. Showcasing the work of entrepreneurs from grassroots ��������thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Ella Kush. We appreciate.