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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Lawrence Koby is a student and an artist. He discovered his talent for drawing at a very tender age and has been intentional about honing his craft and becoming a better version of himself every day. He sees art as therapeutic and a way of expression where words cannot and dreams of his works hung on various prestigious places globally.

Name: Meju Lawrence Koby

Product: Art work

Education: Student of University of Lagos currently studying Architecture.

Talent Discovery: I discovered my talent for drawing at a very early age and ever since, my parents have been in full support of my craft. Frankly, talent is not enough, it was quite necessary for me to hone my craft to its peak the best way I could. Books and the internet were the closest things I had to pioneer artists, the works of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol changed my perspective of art real good showing me that there’s no limit to art.The expressionist art movement was really something. Art generally is a way of expressing ourselves where words cannot, as a matter of fact it is therapeutic.

Driving Passion: Many times than I can count, there is no specific theme at hand, I just create based off what I feel in the moment, following my intuition. It is priceless, the urge to create is always there.Oh and good music leads to great art.

Defining Moment: About a year ago I came across the works of LaoluSenbanjo, a New York based Nigerian artist and frankly at the time I had never seen anybody art works quite like his; it was spectacular. I connected with it at first glance and I’m still not certain why, if it’s because of the African elements he used or just the flow and him making everything his canvas. Then I began practicing because I was really excited to experiment different media, in the process I got to see the works of YusuffAina, a Nigerian multi-media artist who came up with his own art style which he calls AINAISM, making it a style unique to him. It was original.
I’m currently working on a project themed “HUMANOID”, and I’m simply delving into Afro-futurism and sci-fi.

Current Business Challenge: Creativity and innovation has always been part of the job description but at the moment, I’m in dire need of a camera, a studio (workplace) and frankly props.

Business Expansion Wish: I hope that someday my works would be on the walls of Omenka Art Gallery, the Museum of Modern ArtsManhattan, New York, Guggenheim museum, New York and variousart museums around the globe.

Hustle Quote: “SLOWLY BUT SURELY” 
just like hyperrealism requires patience, success in your field also requires patience. We need to understand that the people we are inspired by and aspire to be like attained those heights by not giving up, I cant stress this enough. I honestly believe I am where I am today because someday, someone will know my story from the very beginning and be inspired. I’m learning to trust the process because it’s only going to make me stronger.

Contact:  Some of my works are currently on display at Okoye’s Gallery, Golden Tulip Hotel Festac, Lagos. 

Phone: 08170838293
Instagram:  @lawrence_koby

Twitter: @koby_kolly

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