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Saturday, August 31, 2019


For the residents of Ado road in Ajah, Eti-Osa local government area of Lagos State, Bassey Etim Iron Bar is one popular face among many.

He is often found doing voluntary community service virtually every day on Ado road. When he is not sweeping the streets, he is cleaning gutters, patching potholes or controlling traffic and works with so much zeal and commitment (often from dawn till dusk) that one begin to wonder what drives him.

In an exclusive interview with Hustlewella (To be released mid September 2019, exclusively on Hustlewella YouTube channel ), Iron Bar revealed his real identity and driving passion for his activities on Ado road.

Born in the mid sixties in Cross River state of Nigeria, Iron bar found himself to be full of energy and with surplus muscular endowments which often landed him in trouble as a teenager. Somewhere along the line he decided to channel his youthful energy and physical advantages into a positive venture and thus became a weight lifter.

His weightlifting career soon picked up and he found himself in various competitions both locally and at several  international tournaments where he won different medals including gold. He represented Nigeria in 1982 Commonwealth games in Australia and won Bronze medal and went ahead to win other medals in weight lifting for Nigeria in various tournaments abroad.
The twist of his career however came in 1984 when he went to represent Nigeria at the Olympic games in California, Los Angeles and unfortunately sustained an injury. He was abandoned by the Nigerian government and thus was never able to return to his weight lifting career.

Rather than live in bitterness towards a country that abandoned him when he needed support the most which cost him his life career despite giving his best to bring glory to the country, Iron Bar chose a path not so popular in our society and this generation in particular.

Driven by a promise he made out of compassion to an old woman who had to walk all the way from Ajah to Pump and Sell area of Ado road because of a hike in transportation fare as a result traffic caused by potholes, Iron bar now does voluntary community service work on Ado road on a daily basis to help in reducing the traffic situation and maintain cleanliness and order on Ado road.

Despite the various challenges he faces on a daily bases doing what he does, both from corrupt government representatives, Notorious Lagos area boys, Keke and Okada operators  and even street hawkers (All benefit from the bad road situation and the resultant traffic and thus see him as a threat), Iron Bar is undeterred and always out day from dusk to dawn, under the rain and in the scorching sun simply focused in contributing his little quarter to a better society.

He is demonstrating Patriotism to Nigerians and constantly motivating youths to find ways to be positively engaged and useful to their immediate environment in best ways they can. 

Hustlewella celebrates Bassey Etim Iron Bar as truely patriotic Nigerian, a shining example to the Nigerian youths and a demonstration of the true African Spirit.

If you stay on Ado road or ply that route, please remember to holla him whenever you see him and compliment his good deeds.

To watch Bassey Etim Iron Bar's full interview with Hustlewella which will be released soon,Subscribe to Hustlewella YouTube channel  


  1. miriam Ajifoh Adubah.September 2, 2019 at 2:34 AM

    Wao... his story really touched my heart. He has contributed to this nation he got injured while doing his best for this nation.....but abandoned and forgotten by the goverment amd many nigerians. God bless your handwork iron bar....continue with the hussle and someday you will be rewarded. God bless husslewella for sharing this and letting nigerians know what you have done for this nation.