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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Old age is part of normal life .Old age is inevitable. Old age is reaching the finish line in life race. A lot of people fear ageing and that's why plastic surgeries and body enhancement products keep trending. As much as people loathe old age they also despise untimely death so people want to live long but not grow old in the process... just like the lyrics of one of 2face Idibia's song "nobody wan kpai but dem wan go heaven".

I personally see old age as a blessing and pray I live long enough to see that phase of my life. But in the meantime, has given us an opportunity to peep into the future and see how we may look like when we get old (note: "May" look like not like its an exact prediction). So I have compiled some 'nice" pictures using Face App for your viewing pleasure. Please don't forget to hit the comment button below  and let me know what you think of the pictures or the app.
Not bad at all for a grandma
Is something smoking here??
Toothless already??? FaceApp bet y??
Awww he is still charming
Odogwu Nwokeoma M...It will still be a yes from me at this age

Hey Hubby, remember one item in my 101 bucket list 1 is to recreate our earlier pictures when we get old? well I thought you may like to see a rough sketch of what the pictures would look like
We still look dope
Pa and Ma. Age looks good on us.

Family is priority to me and I am blessed to have come from a family of unique and super quality individuals who mean everything to me and my friends, oh  so very solid! I have always said I am a product of quality friendships. I have been privileged to enjoy good friendships that have enriched my life in ways I cannot even begin to describe. I see myself as a very wealthy person because of the quality of individuals I have in my life as family and friends and I so look forward to growing old with them all and still living my best life at old age. Take a look at some of them;
My Diokpa for life
Shakara Grandma
Old age can't steal her joy
Luvlies for life! we age with grace
PP on the beat
Age got nothing on my Marj! she is still representing
My madam Set wella! Old age has got nothing on her.

Graceful...By the way,'s not as swollen as you think
Mazi Otutu Nmbike! Jukwese!
But this app is wicked o
Funky Papa
Even this app could not do it!
FloFlo is a goal
This one here is definitely going to kill me for this
Now I am totally done for...Lord unto your hands I commit my spirit 
Let's go there!!
Age is just a number
Old girls association
Iya wey sabi

Queen Mode Activated

Okoro must bubble

Show them!

Mazi V. AKA Jukwese!

No dullin