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Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Dear Busola the Courageous One,

I watched your interview with great awe and all I kept asking myself throughout the whole clip was how did she gather this much courage and strength to do this?

You knew you will be exposing yourself to all manner of attacks from different quarters, the backlash of social media, the many accusing tongues that will arise, the blames, the heartbreaking comments, the attack on your person, your family and everything you stand for. You knew they will question your character and cook up all manner of stories to paint you black. You knew the personality involved and how religious people in this our part of the world hold their religious leaders in reverence and considering the particular sect in question and the followership base you knew they will fry you and yet you publicly came out with your truth and put yourself in the line of fire just so that other victims will be saved from experiencing the horrible thing you went through.

Busola you are a strong woman. I admire your strength and courage. I am sure you will be asking yourself if you actually did the right thing by going public with your truth especially in the face of all these social media frenzy and with all the many public and private attacks you have been getting but please be rest assured you did the right thing. What you have done is a big deal to me and thousands of others out there and posterity will remember you for this.
You are not an attention seeking social media drama queen so this cannot be a publicity stunt only the truth would have driven such. For you to have come out after all these years even though you could easily have hidden under the comfort of you already being married with children but you chose to speak out and be a voice to the many voiceless ones out there and to fight towards ending this terrible menace in the corridors of the holy temple. To those saying I have already taken side , you are right and that is because the truth is glaring in this situation and in the mouth of many witnesses, truth is established (if you know, you know). If it looks like a snake, moves like a snake, sounds like a snake, feels like a snake and actually bites like a snake then IT IS A SNAKE.

I believe you Bukola Dakolo. Time does not change the truth, truth remains the truth irrespective of when it was told or the personality involved. I applaud you for speaking out and I pray prospective targets are saved by this singular act of selflessness that you have shown. You are indeed courage personified.

To those asking why now after all these years: Perhaps she is now better emotionally matured to confront the matter and again, the time of speaking out those not change the truth! Have you even considered the kind of society we live in and all the prejudices and the stigmatization that comes with being a rape victim?

What does she stand to benefit from going public: Redemption for other victims and salvation for future targets. An end to life wrecking circle in the church.

The story does not add up: There is no well researched, documented, reviewed and edited plot for rape. It does not make sense to the victims so it definitely cannot make sense to you.  That the narrative does not fit into your imagination does not make it a lie.

She is a fake Christian and have an unforgiving spirit: Christianity focuses on truth and telling the truth is being a true Christian. Unforgiveness has nothing to do with it. The menace is allegedly still ongoing and only exposure can stop it.

Why did she wear night gown to open the door: She should have worn a three piece suit with a matching tie to bed or use duvie to sew agbada with a matching sokoto immediately she heard a knock on the door. It’s A teenager we are talking about! And she was in her own house for crying out loud. Plus what I wear in my house is my business not an invitation to rape.

How did he know he could walk in, do it and escape without being caught: Same chances those that got caught took. He was a regular visitor in the house, he knew how the house functions, he probably was aware her mother had travelled.

Why did she not shout or resist: really? A matured man versus a teenager! Can people even imagine the kind of fear that would have gripped her?

They are not saints, they had children before they got married: And so? Does that change the facts of the rape? Are you a saint? Did she come out to say she was a saint?

She should be ashamed of herself: No ma/Sir. The rapist should be ashamed of himself and not the victim and you the poster should be ashamed of yourself for shaming a rape victim.

She is playing the victim to solicit public sympathy: Really? She would sacrifice everything she represents and hold sacred  for public sympathy? The public sympathy thing is a cheap card.

The rape was so sweet she could not open up then: (This one pained me to the core). Dear poster may you taste rape for real.

To those mocking Timi that he is only angry because the pastor has had canal knowledge of his wife:  You are simply the most myopic creatures to walk the earth.

To the Spiritual leaders in the Christian faith: Jesus Christ is our living example. He addressed the decadence in the temple. So many atrocities are going on in our churches, please address the rot as leaders that you are.

To those saying whether you did it or not, you remain my father and spiritual head: You are not a true Christian if you celebrate evil. Repent. Let us worship the creator and not the creature. Idolatry is real. Let him that thinks he is standing take heed less he falls.

To those against the planned protest: There is no monopoly of protest. If you feel that there are weightier things to protest against, start the campaign , plan and mobilize your people and protest your own. It is a free world.

To those saying don’t talk Rape talk RUGA talk Herdsmen: Talk your own. Go public with your own story. Trust me, many feel strongly about those things too and will support you.

To those saying it is war against the church: No! It is war against RAPE, war against atrocities in the church and a campaign for sanctity in the place of worship.

To the touch not my anointed gang: Please tell your anointed to touch not the untouchable! The anointing of God is a call to right living and not abuse and sexual molestation.

I have heard people shame rape victims (including minors) rather than the rapist. The victims are shamed and humiliated while the courts (that’s even the few cases that manage to get there) let the perpetrators walk free for “lack of evidence” and that’s why we have so many rapists, child molesters and all manner of sexual abusers dangling their cursed penises around wrecking more havoc in the society and getting away scot free with their offences but Karma is real.

I wish people will understand the psychological effect of rape…perhaps they will learn to show more empathy to the victims and not rape them all over with insensitivity.

I celebrate you Busola the courageous.

May you find the healing that last forever.


  1. Thank you! We would not be silenced nor hushed. We would speak for the sake of our children, till this menance is curbed.

  2. Thank you Jenny. We will not be hushed.

  3. Thank you for this letter, I hope it comforts every one that is a victim, and reminds every person that God is indeed not mocked.