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Sunday, February 3, 2019

New Year Hailings in February

A very special new year shout out to all my beautiful hustlewella faithfuls!! Happy 2019.

I probably have said that to those of you on my contact list, WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram and Twitter but this is to specially hail you all live from the hustlewella platform.

Haba! Uche it’s February for goodness sake! ...I know that, still doesn’t change the fact that it is a new year…plus as this is my first post here this 2019 its only appropriate I hail all you beautiful souls who motivate me to keep doing what I do.

So what have you been up to that you have been MIA for so long Uche?? I have been busy living! oh yes! living out the wife life, the mother life, the sister life, the daughter life, the career woman life and the entrepreneur life…plus all that goes with all of that …It’s a whole lot trust me!

But hey! I am here now and I have some awesome hailing to dish out to you beautiful souls;

I hail your 2019, that the year brings you the greatest joy in all your spent years on earth.

I hail your well-being that healing, health and wholeness be yours now and always.

I hail your treasured, that all that matters to you be preserved in all ramifications.

I hail your dreams that your ambitions and potentials find expression and manifestation that will culminate to life time fulfillment.

I hail your good deeds, that your good will not grieve you but attract favor to you from high quarters.

I hail your sacrifices, that the things you have forgone for the good of others be added unto you in greater dimensions.

I hail your outcomes, that your losses be turned to wins as you mark lessons learnt and use them as stepping stones to conquer more.

I hail your hustle, that the works of your hand bring you good returns, reward and lifetime gratification.

I hail your earnings, that you receive divine wisdom to make enough money to enjoy life and uplift others.

I hail your being you, that you recognize and appreciate your uniqueness and trust in your inner strength when life hits.

An affirmation of these hailings will do me a lot of good…please affirm and hail me right back in the comment section.

Yours in the hustle,
Uche Ucheka