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Sunday, September 9, 2018


On a very good day I’m going to do this…
On a very good day I’m going to do that…
On a very good day I will be …I will…I will and I will…

The above is me talking to me about the various things I want to do, achieve and attain that are still undone because that very good day never seem to come.

Today those things I really long to do hit me again and as always I started fantasizing about how I am going get those things done, how good it will be to get them done, how fulfilled I am going to feel getting those things done and all the mushy mushy feelings that comes with fantasies about those things being done but the big question is when I am going to get the things done??? Your guess is probably as good as mine, ON A VERY GOOD DAY.

Uche which day is this very good day? Is it the ever never ending tomorrow? Is it next week, next month or next year? Or the year after that and the next after that…I’m I not waiting for a day that has never existed? I’m I really ready to wait all my life...What if the end of my sojourn here comes without this very good day coming…All these wonderful things I have playing around my head morning and night dies without ever finding expression in this lifetime …oh that will be a heartbreaking waste of valuable treasure and a big shame to nobody but myself.

The thought of the above happening jolted me back to reality! I do not want to go to my creator shamefaced not knowing how to explain that the wait for a very good day has made me let my talents go to waste without them manifesting as ordained. I want the glory I have pictured in head, I want the mushy mushy feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment and I want to end my sojourn knowing I traded my talents as best as I could. I don’t know about that very good day but I know today. I have today and today is good enough.

Today I have. Tomorrow I know not. Today is a good day. Good enough to do and good enough to be. So today I start doing and start being. Doing the things I want to do and ought to be doing. Being what I want to be and destined to be. Today is good enough to be a very good day.

Want to share your thought about this very good day? Please leave me a comment below let me share in your thought.

Yours in the hustle,

Uche Ucheka

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