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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Spread the Love.

It’s my Day Today.

To mark my birthday today, I have decided to just love on myself the way I alone can because if I don’t who will??

So here goes…

Dear Me,

I write to you today as you mark another birthday in this year 2018 and all I just want to do is love on you like no other would except of course the ONE who formed you and whose love for you is incomparable to any love you can ever have for you.

Have I ever told you how beautiful you are? Maybe not… so listen girl…You are so beautiful! That petite frame of yours is the bomb and have become even finer since after having the baby…I look at that fine face of yours with that perfectly shaped nose sitting elegantly like a crowned queen of a royal empire, and that eyes of yours (yes your okpolo sexy!! That which you refer to as “your selling point”) is a real charmer! I tell you girl your creator is simply an excellent sculptor...

Let’s talk about your personality for a moment, high spirited, passionate, full of life and positivity, fierce, loyal and true. You really are a rare specie dear me, quality individuals like you are treasures especially in this generation of ours. Truly your maker is a states of the art master craftsman.

This brings me to your kind heart and selflessness (you definitely inherited this one from your mother...I miss her sooo much!). You have a heart of gold and this is one quality of yours that makes you outstanding and peculiar amidst others and I must say a plus to everyone placed in your life. I understand people take advantage of this trait of yours sometimes but its ok girl Just do you and let them do them because in the end it’s never about them. With all these treasures deposited in you, I must say that the giver of these gifts in you is a perfect bestower.

Now looking at how far you have come in these thirty-few years of your life, I rejoice with you and celebrate the woman you have become! As a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a career woman plus hustlewella boss you are doing great girl and this is me hugging you tightly, tapping your back and saying WELLDONE beloved. I am super proud of you and honored to be you and will still love to be you in other life times and in eternity. Indeed the mighty one that fashioned you and keeps upholding you in the hollow of his hands is an excellent guardian.

I celebrate you today and always. You are a blessing to humanity, a gem to treasure, an epitome of beauty and jewel of estimable value. Keep spreading the love and awesomeness that you exude.

Happy Birthday Dearest Me.

Come on People love on your girl a little please…

Yours in the Hustle,

Uche Ucheka