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Sunday, August 26, 2018


It is not every day that one’s child gets to have a product named after her and also be the face of that product…so permit me to exercise my bragging right a little.

My most esteemed hustlewella family, please meet my hustlewella progeny who has been made the brand ambassador for a special natural baby soap from the stables of Ella’s strictly organics. At such a tender age she is already on-board the hustle train and headed straight to the top most top.

Kamdilichukwu is a sweet child, her smile is infectious, her laughter is like a soothing balm, an angel indeed who understands the busy nature of her parents’ lives and cooperates all along (I wonder how I would have coped if she was a demanding child) and her arrival in my home has a led to unimaginable blessings and amazing change of story in our lives.

Kamdy African black soap for babies was specially formulated from a mixture of children friendly herbs and essential oils that is beneficial to make their skin succulent, soft, glowing and spotless. Kamdy African black soap is handmade, 100% Natural, no chemical additive and absolutely no side effect.

As a mother I can personally recommend this product for all children because I use it for my baby and she has an absolutely beautiful and healthy skin and so does other children who also use Kamdy soap. Also, I use the adult skin care products from Ella’s strictly organics and I am super proud of my skin. If you know, you know. Who sabi sabi. Ella’s strictly organics sabi. Check out their feature on hustlewella and grab your own Kamdy African black soap and let your baby’s skin shine.

Interestingly, I published my 101 bucket list on my birthday last year and one of the things on that list is to be a brand ambassador!! I guess baby girl has just beaten me to it. I believe this is her reminding me of that bucket list and pushing me towards achieving them…what other wake-up call can there be? I better hurry to it before this hustlewella offspring of mine grabs another one from my bucket list… so you guys expect updates as I start crossing out items from my bucket list.

Thank you Ella’s strictly organics for this great honour. We do not take it for granted. May God continue to bless your hustle. Way to go Kamdilichukwu! I am super proud of you and greatly honoured to be your mother. Indeed I have birthed a super star. Keep soaring Kamdi a standing ovation from the world awaits you as the living legend that you are.


  1. Congratulations kamdy baby.i was so happy when i first saw this.more of this to come my super are born to be great darling.And thanks mummy for bringing that greatness in me.

  2. Wow,kamdi the sky is your limit

  3. Nice one....weldone my wonderful people.

    1. Aww, congratulations princess,
      This is just a tip of the iceberg darling You will continue to be a source of joy to all of us in Jesus name, Amen.

  4. Well done..your hustle will pay