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Sunday, July 29, 2018


Mawi Care is Adegoke Adekemi’s brand for exquisite adire embroidery. She puts her heart and skills in every of her creation to give you that desired African glow in rocking her adire products.

Name: Adegoke Adekemi

Brand Name: MAWI CARE

Products: Adire embroidery clothes, shoes, bags, beddings etc.

Education: B.ED Creative Arts from Tai Solarin University of Education.

Business Idea:  I have always loved to create things from childhood. I'm very skillful with the use of my hands. This is part of what informed my course of study.

Driving Passion: I think what simply drives me is love for what I do. I enjoy creating things. I love Arts. This makes work fun for me. 

Anytime an idea comes to mind, I make sure I write it down and act on it. This is what birthed my adire embroidery shoes and bags and so on.
Current Business Challenge: One of the major challenges I have is finance. I've not had access to loans as a budding entrepreneur. Besides, some customers under price my work. I use best quality materials to do my work but some customers disregard that because I'm still trying to build my brand.

Business Expansion Wish: really hope to extend the tentacles of my business beyond Africa. I want to get to the point that my design is worn by great and influential people all over the world. I look forward to the time when MAWI would become a brand name that will be known all over the world.

Hustle Quote: “Never give up on what you enjoy doing, hustle go pay las las

Contact:  08138984641, 08116745085

Whatsapp: 07060493410

Facebook: MAWI CARE

Instagram: Mawi_care

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