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Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Typical “Lazy Nigerian Youth”

I can easily be addressed as “Your Laziness” as it is right now and that will be a befitting title for me considering how much I am allowing the hustlewella dream to suffer. How on earth does one explain this kind of laziness that has hindered me from being at the top of my game with a passion so deep inside of me?  What excuse can be given? No justification whatsoever can serve…This is plain laziness.

I have become so lazy that I wake up 4:30am every weekday, say my prayers and dash out of bed. I quickly package my baby’s food for creche, ensure I omitted nothing from the school bag I packed the night before and rush into the bathroom for a quick bath. Out from the bathroom, I hurriedly dress up and nurse my baby for the day and by 5:30am I bolt out of the house.

In my laziness, I have to do everything within my power to beat all forms of Lagos traffic and ensure I am at my designated work Jetty between 6:00am ~ 7:00am every day and to achieve that, I have to “fly okada” wherever and whenever necessary. I join the long cue for the boat tag at the jetty and when the boat arrives we cruise off to work (The long walk from the jetty point to the office building is one cup I wish could pass over me! and in the evenings it can no longer be called a walk…more like a race as everyone is rushing to meet the first and second boats in order to beat the evening traffic that will always be waiting for us all). By 8am work starts and as an everyday tradition I am on my computer all day meeting unending deadlines or at various meetings or on my feet going from pillar to post attending to the needs of the vendors assigned to me.

Still in that spirit of laziness, at close of work by 5pm I race off (I Thought my running days ended at college!) to the jetty to catch up with the first or second boat and just like in the morning I do everything within my power to beat all forms of Lagos traffic (including the “okada” part too) and ensure I am at home between 7:00pm ~ 8:00pm (If not for anything else, to at least meet my baby awake and spend a little time with her!). By the time I get home, bath my baby, feed her and put her to sleep, pack her bag for crèche the next day and also arrange myself for the next day’s work and of course attend to hubby… the time is already 11:00 ~ 11:30pm…At this point I am super exhausted and my body is dire need of rest…so off to bed it is and I cannot begin to mention the number of times I have to wake up in the night to do the needful as a nursing mother (Thank God for an ever supportive hubby who assists with baby at night so I can sleep a bit and takes care of her in the mornings when I have left the house to work, drops her off to crèche on his way to work and practically takes care of himself to reduce the stress on me). At 4:30am again the next day my alarm rings and the whole circle begins all over from Monday to Friday!  A very lazy Nigerian youth indeed.

Saturdays and Sundays are no go areas…From house chores, to market runs, to church, to making room for little quality family time, to trying to get enough rest so one doesn’t break down…  the weekend just comes and goes within the blink of an eye and before I know it the lazy routine has started again and there goes the lazy lifestyle I have found myself living at this point in my life. Unfortunately Hustlewella is at the receiving end of all these…No time to write, develop content, social media engagement and pursue the vision. In all sincerity, I am so ashamed of how much I have allowed Hustlewella to suffer in these past days. I sincerely apologize to all the Hustlewella faithfuls and everyone who believe in the Hustlewella dream. I am looking at various ways to find a balance and I know everything will fall into place eventually.

Laziness is not excuse enough!! So I am ditching that now. Hustlewella must keep moving no matter what. If we cannot fly at the moment then we will run, if running becomes difficult we walk and when walking becomes a challenge we crawl but by any and all means Hustlewella must keep moving. There is no stopping…We have gone too far to give up. Too many businesses, entrepreneurs and destinies are tied to the Hustlewella dream so it’s either we make it or we really make it.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know you still care. Don’t be a lazy Nigerian youth  like me.
Yours in the Hustle,
Uche Ucheka


  1. The laziness flow in my vein too... When I tell you I know what you going throuhht believe me.

    To have a regular 8-5 and hold down an hustle... Lazy Nigeria youth syndrome.

    God is your strength babes, we really do miss you plenty much. Don't run off in us like that again, please.

    Your fellow comrade in laziness.

  2. Lazy Nigerian youth! So you are the one making Buhari brand us with such name? You shouldn't rest on your oars but add grease to elbows lest they get rusty.
    Find more time to relax, especially on your way back home from work, sleep in the bus if you have to (no conductor will beat you) and leave people that are not tired ... We all know motherhood is a different kettle of fish but don't make work sound so hard - Ambode is trying, so get on your horse ma'am AND WHIP THAT BEAST TO WAR!!!

  3. I need more posts from my favourite blogger, where art thou?