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Sunday, March 11, 2018


My oh my!! I can’t believe I have been”missing in action” for weeks now… I sincerely apologize to you beautiful souls for being away for so long… Motherhood, a full time job plus hustlewella are quite a handful to deal with but I have to find a way to manage of them all.

A very big thank you to all the hustlewella faithfuls who have been checking on me & encouraging the hustlewella dream, it is people like you that make me stay strong in the midst of the storm. Hustlewella has come to stay and stay it must…that I promise.

These past few days have taught me that time indeed waits for no man. The rate at which the days come and go leaves me wondering how other people achieve the much they do because I have got so much to do and yet so little time to do them as the days simply slip by without control.

I have heard many analysis about the usage of this our daily 24 hours, how the hours are more than enough to achieve all things and how many people are failing in life because they are not maximizing the time and similar talks like that…but in reality it is not as easy as they make it sound.

Take for instance those of us that stay in Lagos, I for an example go to bed like around 11pm, wake up 4 am (and that is official wake up time as I am not counting the many wake up times in between that period as a nursing mother), I leave the house between 5 ~ 5:30am in order to beat the classic Lagos traffic, get to work past 7am, close 5pm and get home between 7 ~ 8pm, handle home affairs for the remaining few hours and go to bed and so the circle continues the next day, the day after that and so on…and before you know it, the days slip away and turn to weeks and months until the years go by. Time doesn’t ever seem to be enough! There is so much to do and so little time to do them all.

But in all of these, the time we have is all we’ve got. Making the most of it is our only alternative. For those of us determined to forge ahead and succeed no matter the odds we have to ditch all excuses and go for it. People have gone through these huddles and even greater ones and still hit their mark not because they were given extra hours in a day or had their own hours prolonged…no… I believe they just found a way around the various limitations including time.

It may not be easy but it is possible to achieve greatness with the little time we have. So as I speak to myself on a daily basis to keep pushing my dreams at all cost, I speak to you also today pursue your dreams no matter what, maximize the little time you’ve got, live your life to the fullest daily and remember to shutdown once in a while to just breath, exhale, relax, pat yourself for how well you are doing and re-affirm your awesomeness.

I believe in you and the profitability of your hustle. Do keep your fire burning and eyes focused on the glory ahead. Please share your own time struggle in the comment section.

Yours in the hustle,

Uche Ucheka


  1. Motherhood is another hustle on its own.once am awake there is always something to do,I wake at 5am and retire 11pm on daily basis.

    1. Real hustle my sister. Keep up the good work.

  2. Indeed the time slip by without waiting especially for you as a mother. But God has empowered us to weather 'time's storm. Well-done dear on the good work you're doing. I'm proud of you

    1. Thank you beloved. I am also proud of you always