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Friday, January 26, 2018


Israel Ilori is a serial entrepreneur, designer and leader. He runs a freelance graphics outfit called grafixit design studio and recently launched a new business; Classic wrists, where he sells affordable wristwatches.

Name: Israel Ilori

Brand Name: Grafixit Design

Products: Graphics Design

Education: degree in Microbiology from the University of Ilorin

Business Idea: I discovered myself first by the help of God and also through my flair and passion. I could trace it back to when I was in secondary school, I was always using a pen to create imaginary fliers at the back of every of my note book, I would draw a microphone and two speakers and caption it open mic night (lol). To me it was just a hobby then but it later became a profession (Graphic design).

Driving Passion: An eye for excellence drives my passion. I've seen men excel and change their lives, their family, their nation and the World and that is exactly what I see and remember to keep my passion intact.

Current Business Challenge: Finance

Business Expansion Wish: to see my businesses adding value to the lives of thousands of people so that they also can have a good life and also help me feel fulfilled.

Hustle Quote: “By thinking I do, by doing I become, by becoming I achieve and by achieving I'm fulfilled

Contact: 08127823460 and 08127823460
Personal IG; general_eazzy
Facebook; Ilori Israel 
Business IG; @grafixit,  @Classicwrists

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