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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Super Nana Products for Super-Duper Baby Skin

Do you need a product that guarantees you flawless skin for your baby? Then contact Numare Azubuike today and place orders for her Super Nana range of products. Super Nana products are made from quality natural ingredients and suitable for everyone.

Name: Numare Azubuike.

Brand Name: Super Nana.

Products: Prickly Heat Powder, Coconut Oil & Shear Butter.

Education:  Graduate of Geography & Environmental Management (B.Sc) from Niger Delta University Bayelsa State.

Business Idea: I like babies to have spotless skin so when I discovered natural products like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil helps keep their skin smooth and free from infections, I ventured into it. But before then, I prayed on what to do because I lost my job, then God directed me to tow this line.

Development Steps: I made inquiries about how to produce and get the best products.

 -Researched and introduced the Super Nana Powder, which is very effective in the treatment of rashes and armpit odour which I dislike as well. 

-Constant update on it is importance

- Ensuring to get feedbacks from my customers so I can post on my social media pages to assure people my products are of high quality so they could feel safe and patronize me.

-Branding of my products.

Driving Passion: To be successful in life and not to depend on anyone

Current Business Challenges: Capital to go on a bigger scale

Business Expansion Wish: To go globally and be sought after by all

Hustle Quote: “Work Hard or Go Broke

Contact: 08071716614 (WhatsApp)
                09065016264 (Call)
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