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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Double Your Hustle This Season

The festive season is here! We are already in the middle of November and before you know it, it’s Christmas! Oh yes Christmas our season of love and merriment (My best holiday!!).  To many people this season is a period of increased expenses and multiple spending while to the business minded person the season is a time of increased sales and multiple financial returns. So you have to decide what side you want to belong to this season, either the money depleting side or the money generating side via your hustle. If you choose to belong to the money generating side, let’s take a look at the available opportunities for your hustle this season.

Before anything else, let us understand that every single person is a buyer and if a buyer then a spender and that automatically puts us all on the money depleting side as we all must spend money this season either for luxuries and seasonal indulgence or just for the everyday necessities but the twist in this is that though we cannot control being on the money depleting side, it is in our power to be on the money generating side by choosing not to only be consumers of resources but producers/manufactures to balance our consumption. As a Nigerian I must say we are where we are as a nation today because majority of us are just consumers while only a few are producers/manufacturers and because of that large gap in the consumer/producer ratio we find it difficult to achieve self sufficiency as a nation rather we depend on other nations for almost everything we consume thus enriching those nations while we remain impoverished. We can close that gap a bit this season by deciding to sell as we buy, produce as we consume and we can achieve that by being courageous enough to come out of our comfort zone and trade our potential for profit, pursue those beautiful dreams in our heart and make our hustle count.

The opportunity for every hustle this season lies in the fact that we are we going to be having increased spending rate. it’s a festive period so lots of people will be parting with more cash than usual in the spirit of the celebrations. Houses will be renovated or redecorated, offices and business places will be given new looks to attract more customers , wardrobes will be changed or additions made, it’s a season to look glamorous so there will increased demand for fashion items, new gadgets will be purchased for personal use or as gifts for loved ones, lots of events are scheduled for this season so caterers, bakers, decorators, DJs, MCs, performers, makeup artists, rental services, fashion designers, professional shoppers, ushers, cleaners etc. will be highly needed. The children will be made to feel special this season so any children related products and services will sell, restaurants and joints will be jam-packed so think about consumable supplies to these places (Meat, fish, vegetables, oil, spices, fresh fruits, natural juices & healthy drinks etc), hampers will needed for gifts (think about making a hamper collection of your various products no matter how small/few).

From the above, we have established that this season will be full of sales opportunities for business people so the best time to double your hustle is now… increase your business pace… source for more clients…advertise your hustle everywhere and to everyone (yes let everyone who knows you directly or indirectly through social media know what you do and pay for adverts on different platforms if you have to)…make advert banners for your hustle  and display it everywhere…take advantage of the social media to attract sales…where you have failed before, give it another try…re-package your brand if need be… expand where necessary…put in more time…double your effort…set higher targets for your business…test new waters…target a different sales audience…take your hustle serious and expect gains from it…be up and about because opportunities are everywhere for us to grab and can present itself at any time.

And if you have not started at all, start now! The festive period is one of the best times to start a business as sales opportunities are higher during the seasons. Launch that brand… offer that service even if it means offering it free at first or at a very cheap rate…start that troop…manufacture that product… organize that event…make that phone call that will help you commence…start that supply business…start that transport, laundry,  spice, textile etc. business…send out the emails and bulk sms announcing your services…shoot that video…write and publish that book…release that album…tell someone about that gadget you produced and see how it can be introduced into the market…attend that audition…partner with that person…reach out to a sponsor…take that chance…even if you are not ready for sales this season, then start  the process against 2018 as seasons await us then too but in all you do please do not let this season pass you by.
Yours in the hustle,
Uche Ucheka


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