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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Look Glamorous and Rock that Occasion with Empress Tiana Beads

Obayomi Aderinsola Christiana is a master bead maker; her beads are crafted with skill, beautifully designed and made with the finest quality materials to give you that fabulous look for all occasions. Place your order today and enjoy the beauty that comes with wearing a masterpiece.

Name: Obayomi Aderinsola Christiana

Brand Name: Empress Tiana Beadworks

Products: Neckpieces, Brooches, Pendants, Bracelets, Flower designs dresses etc.

Education:  Graduate of Biochemistry from Lagos State Polytechnic

Business Idea:  I never had the intention of learning bead making until I saw a colleague who is into it where I was having my Industrial Training, I learnt a bit from her before she left and I have developed myself from there by learning online, watching tutorials on YouTube, learning from colleagues and mentors in this line of work.

Driving Passion: The need to always make people look good and the fact that I love working with my hands (I am also a typist and a blogger). Our look is one of the features that people see when they meet us for the first time and jewelries are one of the things that compliment our looks.

Current Business Challenges: Having to make people understand that the charge I give on Jewelries are not outrageous, they are just like that because I make use of quality materials and they are not gotten at cheap prices etc

Business Expansion Wish: To have my works in almost every home. I make not only Neckpieces, but Brooches, Pendants, Bracelets, Flower vases, Table mats, Beaded Purses, Flower designs dresses. These are mostly found in every home.

Hustle Quote: “Be determined and duty bound. Your background is not a reason for your failure, do not let your background keep your back on the ground

Contact: 08062480234(Call/WhatsApp)
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Facebook Name: Obayomi Aderinsola

We deliver to every part of the world and we also train both online and one-on-one. We also partner with fashion shows and we are available for trainings done in churches and local governments.