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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hustlewella Gratitude Series: Milestone Achievement

So we are in the last quarter of the year 2017! And right now I am thinking about our accomplishments and how far we have come with the hustlewella dream. For starters, Hustlewella was a ride of dare! It took all the guts in me to step out and commence. I wasn’t sure exactly how to begin, what first steps to take, if I could handle the demands (time, energy, finances, resilience etc.) but somehow we managed to kick off.
The road has been very bumpy and full of so many challenges. Sometimes the obstacles are so enormous and all I wanted to do was scurry off like a scared little rat and hide away from all of it (and sometimes I do) but even from my hiding place,I somehow manage to pop out my little head, glance at the obstacles and muster courage to move a bit closer to it to scratch out a part of it. And as I gradually scratch out the obstacles in bits and pieces, I discover we are gradually making progress and that gives me the needed boost to keep at it knowing mountains are surmountable and success is sure for non quitters.
My first post on Hustlewella was made in June 2017 so I can say  Hustlewella has been standing strong for the past three months and so today Hustlewella is celebrating the milestone achieved in these past few months and she is grateful for the following accomplishments;
v  Successful registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
v  Official launching of Hustlewella Logo
v  Release of Hustlewella first advert banner
v  Hustlewella Letter headed paper for official correspondences
Little fits yes! But Hustlewella is most grateful for them as her little steps of yesterday are somehow gradually leading to giant strides today and the soaring of heights tomorrow. And like I expressed in my 101 bucket list we are determined to make Hustlewella a successful blog. She will yet be a force to be reckoned with online, giant entrepreneurs who will shape our nation’s economy will emerge from her platform and every single hustle of ours will eventually end up in mega pay offs.
Hustlewella Advert Banner

Hustlewella Logo

CAC Certificate

Hustlewella Letterhead

We may not look like it today but somehow the future will speak volume! So please tell me what you are grateful for in your own hustle.
Yours in the Hustle,
Uche Ucheka



  1. I really thank God for hustlewella.
    May God bless your hustle dear,
    For my own hustle, all I can say now is that God has been faithful.
    To him be all praise.

    1. Amen!Just keep at your hustle dear God will perfect all that concerns it.

  2. Wow! Congratulations

  3. I am so grateful hustlewella had made my product known. Hustlewella has come to stay and am ever thankful to her.

    1. Hustlewella is grateful to you for being bold to pursue your dream...God bless your hustle always

  4. I am so grateful hustlewella had made my product known. Hustlewella has come to stay and am ever thankful to her.