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Saturday, September 2, 2017

OYO (On Your Own) Days are Here; Hustle Your Way Out

I am sure everyone is familiar with “The Good Old Days” saying and the various stories accompanying it to show how life was better in Nigeria in earlier times. Abundant food, robust economy (thanks to agriculture), quality educational system, available employment opportunities (good jobs with just primary & college certificates), well meaning politicians and all the glories of “The Good Old Days”. 

Enough of the stories already! Tales of past glories don’t pay the bills! What we have now is OYO days! Our generation is faced with societal decay and hardship and I am going to be showing us the way out as individuals in order to create our own personal “good day” experiences.

Now I am not here to host a pity party about the various troubles of this current times…I am actually glad for the times we are in because these OYO days have given rise to a new era of creativity and innovation among young people (that’s right! People are coming up with ingenious ideas everyday in order to survive this OYO days).

What are OYO days? This describes today’s society where no one can be held accountable for the well being of the people. Where there is no support system for the average citizen without connections to the high and mighty. Where the wealth of the nation is consumed by a privileged few while the majority everyday people are left to fend for themselves by themselves with little or nothing. 

Features of the OYO days: Government officials are more concerned about private pocket affairs than the well being of the masses that voted them in (Hustlewella says: take charge of your wellbeing)

The broom king is more concerned about putting up healthy appearances than making life better for anyone (Hustlewella says: become creative and make your life better)

Millions of people are jobless or underemployed (Hustlewella says: join the thousands of people creating jobs for themselves and others)

The educational system is decayed and only the rich can afford quality education (Hustlewella says: Get the education you can afford and maximize your potentials thereafter)

Expatriates are treated like kings by companies and living large at our own expense while the Nationals are treated like trash and living like second class citizens in their own land (Hustlewella says: Create your own empire and live like royalty)

The society and governing rules have been fashioned to favor only the rich (Hustlewella says: We must determine to be among the rich and we can by harnessing our potentials and trading it for gains)

The way out? Hustle! It’s time to put on our thinking hats and become creative. I am talking entrepreneurship here. Produce something, sell something, render a service, package your talent and sell it, trade your potentials for gains. If thousands and hundreds of thousands of us can achieve self sufficiency by harnessing our potentials then the glory of this OYO days will be far better than “The Good Old Days”.

Drop me a comment below if you feel my vibes. Please don’t leave me OMO (On My Own).
Uche Ucheka
Facebook: hustlewella

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