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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Meet Nonye Madu the World-class Female Painter

Nonye Madu has proven that good things can come out of bad situations.  Sexual harassment gave her the brain for her painting hustle and she cannot be stopped.

Name: Nonye Madu

Brand Name: Mezic Paint Enterprise

Service: Professional Painting

Business Idea:  I got back from work one evening and met a woman painter painting my Neighbor’s house, it then dawned on me that I have been a painter without knowing I can have it as a profession and there and then the idea of painting as a business was birthed.

Hustle History: I started painting like a joke for friends. Prior to this I have worked for other people all my life but sexual harassment gave me brain to think of plan B. I asked my God to show me something I can do with my hands and that was when I encountered the woman painter who motivated me into painting as a business. I started training (production and painting) while still on my previous job and somehow few months after the training, my job was terminated but I simply laughed and gladly walked away. I got my registration with corporate affairs commission and immediately swung into business.

Driving Passion: To expand and be able to employ my fellow youths

Current Business Challenges: Finance and equipment

Business Expansion Wish: To be known all over world with painting

Hustle Quote: “HARDWORK PAYS

Contact: 07062419009, 08117411538(Phone and WhatsApp)
Instagram    @nonye_depainter

Facebook     Nonye Madu

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