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Friday, September 29, 2017

Grab Your Nutritious Tiger Nut Flour to Aid Your Weight Loss Journey.

Ufondu Ifeyinwa has come up with an amazing product for healthy living and to aid your weight loss journey. Tiger nut flour is an alternative to carbohydrate and can be used for a variety of delicious dishes.Grab yours now and start enjoying the healthy wonders of Tiger nut in every meal.

Name: Ufondu Ifeyinwa

Brand Name: Vilojohn Classics Concept

Product: Tigernut Flour

Education: Graduate of law from Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Instagram    @vilojohnclassics

Business Idea:  My weight has been an issue ever since my childhood. It was in my quest for solution that I learnt of Tiger nut flour as an effective way of cutting down on carbohydrates which is the major cause of weight gain. Thereafter I decided to launch it fully as a business after further researches and experiments. Today, my brand of Tiger nut flour can be used for swallows, baking (cake, bread, pizza), moi moi, pap, pancakes etc.

Driving Passion: Helping those whose weight loss journey have been difficult just as mine

Current Business Challenges: Funds and machinery

Business Expansion Wish: To be a household name

Hustle Quote: “FANTACIES becomes real

Contact: We make deliveries wherever and whenever you want

WhatsApp - 08039461927.       
Facebook     Vilojohn classics

Tigernut flour swallow
Tigernut flour moi-moi

Tigernut flour Horchata

Tigernut flour pap

Tigernut flour cake

Tigernut flour pancake


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