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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Let me first of all start by saying that everyone on the surface of the earth has got something to offer. The creator has deposited so much potentials in us that if we can discover and utilize it to offer value to our society, we all can live fulfilled lives.  
When I wrote the article about the OYO days, I discovered from my interactions with people that many feel they don’t have what it takes to achieve self sufficiency.
Many don’t believe they have anything to offer, a lot have given up on themselves as entrepreneurs without even trying. At the mere mention of the word entrepreneurship, business, self employment or self sufficiency, they cringe and totally separate themselves from such nomenclature preferring to associate them to people of “special talents" and ‘’abilities’’ but again I make bold to say that everyone has got something to offer...yes it is in all of us to be entrepreneurs and I can prove it to you.
There is this popular saying that the world is a market place and that we all have come to buy and sell. As much as that saying has different underlying meanings, I totally agree with its literal meaning. This is to say that no day passes in life without business transactions. We are all either buying or selling something but the issue is that too many people are buying and very few are selling and so we have more consumers than producers (and I speak as a typical Nigerian in Nigeria).
Look inwards, everyone has their respective areas of strength.
 If you can sing develop your skills and sing as a professional don’t limit yourself to only Sunday service ministrations.

If you like shopping and going to the market, then shop for people at a fee. See what Yemisi did with her own passion for the market…
If you can talk, find a subject that you are passionate about and develop yourself on it; you can be a talk show host, motivational speaker, and subject matter expert.
If you can bake, make small chops, chin-chin, chips etc… then make them for sale. Make for families and friends at reduced rates, supply to shops in your immediate environment and expand from there. Register with NAFDAC and other relevant food regulation bodies, package them beautifully and market until we find them in shop shelves nationwide and beyond. Check out Ifunanya’s story of how she started making cakes…
If you can make people laugh comedy is profitable. Our renowned comedians of today packaged their gifts, started small and gradually climbed the ladder of fame and affluence.
If you can cook think about quick service restaurants, mobile food vans, catering services. Many Parents are not satisfied with the lunch served to their children in school, a lot of career women don’t have the time to cook and need someone to make and deliver meals to their homes, offices need food vendors, office workers and early birders need quick and healthy breakfast on the go. These are available target market open for you to explore. You can actually pick a particular food (moi-moi, pepper soup, stew, soups, salads etc.) and specialize on it until your food brand becomes a household name.
If you like to process food, think about fish smoking/drying, meat processing, dairy, fruit juice. We have so many agricultural products wasting in this country, you can go into food processing/storage/ preservation business. Agatha is doing well with her cat fish business
If you are passionate about any sport, turn that passion to a business! You can acquire relevant professional training to be a coach, commentator, referee or any of the careers around that sport you love. You can start an after school football club where children are registered to learn to either be players, coaches, referees etc. (you can get professionals to tutor them in your club).
If you like fashion, you can be a wardrobe boss for movie sets, celebrities, career women and occasion lovers. We are in the makeup boom at the moment, hair is money now, slaying is the “in-thing”…and you can align yourself to any of those areas and be paid for your passion for fashion.
If you speak a foreign language, make it a business by becoming a language tutor. Many people are more than ready to pay to learn that same language. You can even start a language club and get people with knowledge of other foreign languages to tutor.

Bags and footwear: We must not eat all the ponmo! Think about making leather bags and shoes from it instead. Tammy uses Ankara and leather to make fabulous bags, shoes, ties
John makes quality handbags from locally sourced materials…

Organic Skin care and natural oils: Team natural is trend that has spread like wild fire…natural hair, natural hair products, organic skin care products etc is fast selling now so you can train to produce any of these items and start your business. See Judith’s business with honey and coconut oil.
Agriculture: You can go into fish/ snail/grasscutter farming, plantain, oil palm, rubber, cocoa, coffee, cotton, groundnut production.
Clothing: clothing is a basic need and cannot be overemphasized, everyone has to wear clothes! You can learn to make clothes just like Darlington
or brand clothes like the Lefoo boss himself Think about having a niche in tie and dye, Adire, aso oke, akwa ocha and the many fabulous indigenous attires in this our multicultural nation. You can start your own fashion line, make outstanding designs and use the internet to source for clients.
Learn Instruments: Drums, Keyboard, talking drums, piano etc. instrumentalists are key in the music industry.
Blocks and Interlocking Stones: Building projects are ongoing everywhere and every day. And these projects need blocks, interlocking stones, sand, rods, water etc… You can start a business that can fill these needs. Osas is doing an amazing job with his OHS brand

Interior/Exterior House Finishing and Home Décor: As mentioned earlier building projects are ongoing everywhere and everyday so a business in this category can thrive easily. See Victor’s hustle with his brand stellar finishes
If you have any natural talent then develop it and make it a business like Goddy is doing with his art talent.
But the beauty of all these is that you must not be naturally talented to start a business, you can learn any trade and profit from it Nonye learnt how to be a painter even as a woman!
There are still so many business ideas I can share with you but I cannot share it all in this article you will have to wait for Hustlewella 101 business ideas to be published. 
In the mean time please look inside you and find your strength and passion and turn it to that amazing business brand the world is anxiously waiting for and if you have other business ideas to contribute to the ones mentioned here, kindly leave it as a comment. 
Your comment may just be the solution a soul so longs for out there.
Yours in the Hustle,
Uche Ucheka



  1. Dear hustle wella,after going through this wonderful article. I felt so so motivated and enthusiastic.Am moving my vision to another level.I like what you are doing. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you very much! please move your vision to the next level...hustlewella wishes you the very best.

  2. Dear hustlewella good job. Well done ma

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