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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Uche Ucheka’s 101 Bucket List

I am super excited to be adding another year to my years this month (Yes I am proudly August born). This year 2017 has been an exceptional year for me as I have so much to be thankful for in all areas of my life and that of my loved ones. The year also is a landmark year in my life as it represents the beginning of my pet project  

I consider this particular year special because it is a key point in my life where I have found the courage to venture into the deep and explore the potentials deposited inside of me at creation. When I say this year is exceptional it is not because I have had it all rosy, no…I have been tempted and tested, I have cried and almost lost hope, I have lost despite my faith in the miraculous and I have been hit by the unpredictability of life severally BUT in all of these I still have joy and I see miracles all around me on a daily basis and day in day out a better me emerges.

So in honor of my birthday in this month of August 2017, I hereby release my 101 bucket list version 1.0. Now I know the temporal nature of our sojourn in this world and I do not know the number of birthdays I have left before the owner of my life summons. But while I am still here, I choose to live a quality life and make every day count. Check out my 101 bucket list;

  1. Own my own business
  2. Make hustlewella a successful blog
  3. Achieve five stable streams of income
  4. Become a millionaire
  5. Write and publish a book
  6. Reach 10,000 followers on Twitter
  7. Get an article I have written published
  8. Achieve zero debt
  9. Have an empowerment foundation
  10. Make $10 a day on the average from the internet
  11. Sponsor the education of 100 people
  12. Learn a foreign language
  13. Have a home study/office
  14. Design a theme for hustlewella
  15. Become proficient in social media graphics design
  16. See small businesses and entrepreneurs featured on hustlewella succeed
  17. Learn to swim
  18. Build a house for my father
  19. Start a food bank in a church
  20. Prank a needy family forward
  21. Play a major role in my husband’s success story
  22. Open trust funds for my children
  23. Visit the white house
  24. Sail from one country to another
  25. Live in a cabin for one week
  26. Watch a Tyler Perry live stage performance
  27. Take an international trip with my siblings
  28. Shake hands with a president
  29. Speak in front of a large crowd
  30. Fly in a private jet
  31. Go at least one month without the internet
  32. Attend a movie premier
  33. Attend a gallery opening
  34. Learn to play tennis
  35. Be featured in a national daily
  36. Work from a resort hotel
  37. See hustlewella documentaries go viral
  38. Visit Lekki arts and crafts market
  39. Walk across Lekki –ikoyi bridge at night
  40. Visit Lekki conservation and climb the longest canopy walkway in Africa
  41. Give up meat eating for one week
  42. Fruit fast for one week
  43.  Learn to play the piano
  44. Contribute to the growth of small churches
  45. Kingdom investments (build churches, contribute to missions, welfare packages)
  46. Write my auto biography
  47. Visit my family in UK
  48. Visit my family in US
  49. Live for a month on a tropical island
  50. Car gifts to each of my siblings
  51. Surprise weekend gateway to an exotic location with hubby
  52. International trip with hubby and our children
  53. Act in Nollywood movie/soap opera
  54. Be a brand ambassador
  55. Buy/build a house in an exotic location in Lagos
  56.  Holiday in Dubai
  57. Visit Isreal
  58. Receive a fan letter
  59. Reconnect with an old friend
  60. Sponsor a valuable project for my Alma Mater
  61. Visit Victoria falls in Zambia Zimbabwe
  62. Organize a family portrait
  63. Attend service at perfecting faith church, New York
  64. Prepare a will
  65. Invest in the stock market
  66. Invest in gold
  67. Get a masters degree
  68. Visit at least five African countries
  69. Experience  all seven continents
  70. Own a large farm
  71. Attend Calabar festival
  72. Visit Obudu Cattle Ranch
  73. Do something substantial that will benefit my hometown
  74. Get pictured by a celebrity photographer
  75. Surprise three faithful friends
  76. Organize a family Christmas reunion
  77. Visit Buckingham palace
  78. Have lunch with a Texas cowboy
  79. Watch a play at Muson center
  80. Eat suya at glover  court suya
  81. Get a couple massage with hubby
  82. Visit Paris
  83. Holiday in Brazil
  84. Spend a day spoiling myself (spa, shopping, exotic dinner)
  85. Celebrate my 50th marriage anniversary in grand style
  86. Go on a crazy adventure with a group of friends
  87. Sing at the studio of a famous recording label
  88. Do volunteer job at an orphanage
  89. Sleep in a castle
  90. Have a karaoke night with my husband and children
  91. Grow old with hubby and recreate our earlier pictures
  92. Visit the pyramids of Giza
  93. Learn how to do a perfect push up
  94. Leave an inheritance for my children
  95. Play a key role in getting justice for an oppressed person
  96. Give gifts that will bring joy to my family members
  97. Do something nice for my senior friends who has been there for me
  98. Give back to the society by contributing to charitable causes
  99. Meet my favorite movie icons (already started!! checkout one
  1. Live, love and laugh
  2. Love God and live by faith all my days

A whole lot right? I know!!! But I have a lifetime to pursue them and though the list will be subject to modifications, additions and deletions, it is worth pursuing (crazy as it may look at the moment!!!). Wherever I stop, at least I can say I tried. 

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about my bucket list.

Uche Ucheka





  1. Wow, It is alot sha but It is achievable, although I think there are so that you should have achieved by now like swimming.
    And to be honest, some of them are funny.

    1. Procrastination is the reason swimming is still on the list...will have to address that soon.I can guess the ones you find most

  2. Awww! A food bank warmed my heart the most, your bucket list is a lot but really simple and you can (would achieve them all)
    My bucket list It includes sky diving and so on, hmnnn

    1. Awww...thank you diving!!! all the best with

  3. Its a lot but if there's something I know about you, its that you are resilient, determined and focused.With God on your side, you will achieve your goals..Go Uche, im proud of you

  4. Nice & some are inspiring..All d best..

  5. Hmmmmm..... Madam Ucheka ur list is wow!! No. 39 can be crossed out anytime u re ready. With determination and focus, sure u will achieved all listed. xoxo

    1. I am getting ready for that... Thank you so much

  6. I have always known you as a great achiever.some sounds crazy and funny.i wish you success in all.but please alart me when you stay off meet for one week. Lol.

    1. Lol...I am still gathering moral for that meat o..thank you so much dear

  7. You... stay off meat for one week? Let me know when you achieve that. All the best dear, With God all things are possible

  8. Nice & kinda crazy list Big Sis, but I pray that the good and merciful God will most if not all come to pass. Amen!! Hustlewella all the way..

  9. OK I so love and admire this wishes because I know they are achievable.. Some has to feature me in them before it can become a reality. 😂 No 27 I just have to be included in it. Please u should take d swimming class important as soon as possible. See you at the top cos that is where you belong. You are simply success personified