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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Treat Yourself To Quality Branded T-shirts from Lefoo Apparel this Season

The Lefoo Master himself Ojikutu Adebayo has a launched a range of quality branded shirts that should be a must have for you!! Order yours now...

 Name: Ojikutu Adebayo

Brand Name: Lefoo Apparel

Product: Branded T-shirts

Education:  Lagos State University, Lagos (Bsc. Sociology) and BRAC University,
Bangladesh (Msc Development Management and Practice)

Business Idea:  The idea was developed as a result for passion for TSHIRT fashion and the art of looking good

Brand History: Lefoo was coined out of a nick name which I was called during my university days. My company name was derived from "Lefoo" which was coined out from Yoruba slang "Ilefoo" which means Swag. We redefined our name to be Lefoo meaning a swag that stands out. 
Ever since I learnt how to make t-shirt designs and prints, I started designing t-shirts for myself, some of my friends and classmates where interested in my designs so they paid me to make some designs for them and finally I got a contract to make and design shirt for my department’s awards night which came out well and that was how we started and developed to this point.  I also started making shirts for friends in my neighborhood, some religious organizations also came through and other social clubs and NGO's.

Lefoo World was duly incorporated July 27 2012 (RC 1053849)

Driving Passion: The vision and the dream of creating a global brand, a t-shirt world like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour etc. Also the drive to reach a point where Lefoo Apparel can affect and change people’s lives. (Where our brand can stand for Quality and Charity)
 The drive to reach a point where for every t-shirt we sell we can feed a starving child or cloth a child.

Current Business Challenges: Lack of enabling environment and infrastructure, Poor power supply, Poor access to fund to expand and Finding and retaining profitable customers.

Business Expansion Wish: To be a global brand like Nike, Adidas, having our stores all over states in Nigeria. Lagos, Abuja, PH, Kano, Calabar, Ibadan, Jos, and  also across the world. NewYork, London, Frankfort, Paris, Bangdong, beijing, Dhaka,Millan, Tokyo.


Contact: 08029118745 (Phone and whatsapp)
      Instagram    @Bayolefoo
      Facebook     bayo Lefoo master 


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