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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shopping and Errands Made Easy by Yemisi Tella of Aunty Yemmy Essential Shopper

Good news for all busy bees! Yemisi Tella is here to ease your shopping and errand burden with her brand Aunty Yemmy Essential Shopper!! contact her today and reduce your stress level!!!

Name: Tella Yemisi

Brand Name: Aunty Yemmy Essential Shopper

Services: Essential Shopping and Errands

Education:  Graduate of Lagos State University, B.Sc. Accounting

Business Idea:  Well I don't really know, maybe because I love the market. I always want to know what is new in the market, the prices of things; I like to be current when it comes to things of   market and I decided to make it a business and earn from it.

Driving Passion: Shopping is my passion, it is what I do with so much ease, no matter how down I am, the moment I hear market, I’m ready to go

Current Business Challenge: Getting across to my prospective clients 

Business Expansion Wish: That my brand becomes a brand to reckon with in the nearest future
To Access Aunty Yemmy Services: I will forward my business card and fliers to you on whatsapp, it contains all the required information
Hustle Quote: “I’m a diehard errand girl” anything you need that can be got in the local market, I get it for you

Contact:  09063402203

Dear Career woman,

I am Yemisi Tella the founder of Aunty Yemmy Essential Shopper.
Are you a woman with a very busy business or work schedule?
Do you want your groceries delivered fresh daily but don't know how to go about it.
Do you wish to do your wedding shopping from Lagos market and have them delivered to your doorstep or you need someone to take you round the market?
Do you want souvenirs or Aso ebi at market price and have them delivered to your door step?
Are you a business person or intending business person living outside Lagos who will like to shop from Lagos market and get it delivered at market price?
Are you too busy to go through the stress of your vehicle paper renewals?
Do you want to register your new car but thoughts of the stress is killing you?
What is it that is essential to you at a moment that you need to get done as soon as possible?
Contact us today at Aunty Yemmy essential shoppers; we are just a phone call away.
We deliver quality, freshness and affordability.