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Saturday, August 19, 2017


The statement “Nothing Moves until you move” is popular among folks and often used in encouraging people to make a move towards the direction of their dreams but I have personally come to understand that this is not an ordinary statement but the reality of life. I have this project that I desperately needed to achieve for a year now but because of what I know the project will cost (and not having the wherewithal); I was deterred and never made a move. I was hoping to galvanize the financial muscle needed to achieve it first before I took steps but the more I waited for the bulk money I needed to come and the perfect time to act, the more I was stuck at the same spot. Until one day I made up my mind to go for what I wanted.

I started by taking steps in making enquiry about the project I nursed in my heart, I researched about available options and various cost saving alternatives. I centered on the actions that didn’t involve money and then proceeded to the ones with little financial commitments I could afford per time until I got to the point where the bulk finance was required. Being that I had come that far (I had committed my time, energy and the little money I had) I knew I had to do all I could to complete my project or end up loosing all I had already invested.

Somehow I was able to raise the money needed (took a lot of faith, hard work, running around and stress!) and somehow the project I have been desperate to achieve for a year, that stood like a giant mountain before me became a reality! Because I chose to make a move despite my limitations, I was able to achieve my target at a much less amount than I initially thought and in less time!

Now I realize that the universe has a way of working with our minds in delivering what we want to us. Indeed nothing moves until you move, even trees starts moving when you move and tend to even move faster when you run. So enough of waiting! Move today towards that dream you have been nursing and don’t just move… run with it. When I made up my mind to actualize my project, I found my financial need conforming to my financial power somehow (I ended up not using up to the initial large amount of money that deterred me in achieving that same aim!).

Today I am happy I made the decision to move and I can confidently term it my most admirable fit because it was done by faith! And so I challenge someone here today to dare to do same. What is that idea you have been nursing, that project you so desire, that potential you want to harness, that business you want to venture into, decide to make a move today. It is often said that fear is false evidence appearing real and that is so true! Dare to face the fear and you will understand how false it is. 

Be bold and confidently approach your goal, keep pushing until the door opens.  Shut the jittery chicken inside of you up! Loose yourself from the shackles of excuses (No money, no time, I don’t know how to or where to start).  Start by activating that idea in your heart, utilize the little resources available to you first and gradually tear down the barriers until you arrive. Don’t forget the world awaits your manifestation and Hustlewella is here to showcase what you’ve got. So ditch your excuses, confront your fear and move.

God bless your hustle.

Yours’ truly, 

Emmanuel Ucheka


  1. What a motivational speech.i am highly lifted after reading your article.God bless your hustle.

  2. John Chukwuma NwobodoAugust 19, 2017 at 2:24 PM

    Yea, truly the universe and circumstances have a way of working with our minds. Positive thoughts attract positive circumstances. Thanks for the encouragement.