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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Surprise Birthday Encounter with Kate Henshaw

Often times I hear stories of celebrities snubbing their fans and some even utterly embarrassing them in full public glare when approached for photographs. As unpleasant as these experiences may sound, I am usually not too quick to judge or condemn the actions of these celebrities as I can imagine the pressure they go through every day in trying to maintain a balance and live normal lives despite their celebrity status and I feel some fans just do not know how to be diplomatic in approaching a celebrity, they just get carried away by the excitement of suddenly bumping into their screen icon and without consideration of the person’s disposition and surrounding circumstances, they pounce on the celebrity and if for some reason he/she cannot give audience, the fans come out with tales of being snubbed and publicly humiliated (often exaggerated) . Well that is my opinion and it is very easy to hear the stories of others and have an opinion until you find yourself in that situation and I found myself in that spot today with Nollywood screen goddess Kate Henshaw!

So I just came down from the boat at a very popular jetty in Lekki, I was in high spirits my phone has been blasting with happy birthday calls and messages from family and friends, I have spent hours going through the several wonderful messages on Facebook and trying my best to reply all (still have some pending ones to be replied tomorrow), I was feeling loved and special (my people just know how to make someone feel like a superstar!) and while basking in the euphoria of my annual moment of stardom, a jeep pulls right in front of me and out came the ever charming, strikingly beautiful and always on point Kate Henshaw! (And I love Kate Henshaw!).

What did I do? (if I hear say I dull #rollingeyes), I approached her , commended her looks, told her I was a big fan and politely requested for a photograph with her and guess what? She agreed!!! (Oops! No snub tale here). She was heading into the restaurant for a meeting but squeezed out time for a shot with me and that I really appreciate that but that is not all…

While I was thanking her for the photograph, I mentioned that meeting her and taking a picture with her had crowned my birthday and this wonderful woman did an amazing thing!
She was like:  “Oh it’s your birthday! Please you have to come inside with me and have something”
Me I was like: mouth agape, glowing with excitement (in my mind…wow! is this really happening? I only just wanted a picture). 

I followed her in and she picked one of the most beautiful cakes there, asked them to write happy birthday on it for me and send her the bill! She wished me well, blew me a kiss and rushed off to her meeting. She even came out after a little while to ensure it was done as she instructed and told them she doesn’t want me to be kept waiting for long! (Even KH joined to be making me feel like a superstar!).

Thank you so much Kate Henshaw for your kind gesture today! A total stranger that you do not know from Adam but you still chose to spread your love tentacles towards me. I heard you were a down to earth person and I have confirmed that today! Your humility in spite of your celebrity status is worthy of emulation. 

My encounter with you today has challenged my giving lifestyle and random acts of kindness to everyone is what I choose to do from henceforth. Please my beautiful people leave a comment below for Kate Henshaw as we celebrate her heart of gold.

Yours’ truly,
Uche Ucheka


  1. Wow I can see how happy you are,Kate henshaw thanks for taking your time to celebrate my friend birthday GOD bless you.

  2. Thank you Kate for showing my friend love on her birthday.
    May God bless and enlarge your coast.

  3. Wow, this is huge! Abeg send some part of the cake here!

  4. God bless you Uche. I hope you had a fab day...

  5. We are glad your birthday turned out wonderfully well as we had wished you.
    Keep our share of the cake.

    1. Thank you so much IreneDave Apparel...your cake is kept

  6. This is lovely. Thanks Kate for this wonderful love you shared to my friend. If I ever had a snap with you then am already a celebrity.