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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Uche What Is This Hustlewella About

Many times I have been asked what my hustlewella brand is all about and being that these questions come in different forms, either people  asking if I am now into a particular business (mostly the business being showcased on at that time) or who the people I am displaying on all my social media handles are, some want to know why I chose this particular niche, others are curious to know what it will take for their brands to be featured on the platform and some others are asking about advertising on hustlewella (that question category I like! Please don’t ask me why). So today I have decided to write an article that will provide answers to these beautiful questions.
The hustlewella dream: hustlewella was born out of amazement at the various ingenious ideas people are coming up with in these hard times (economic crisis, mass unemployment & job losses, political instability, recession!) in order to survive and live substantial lives. We wanted to showcase these beautiful ideas and engaging individuals to the world and we needed a platform to do so and that birthed hustlewella. Hustlewella is a platform for showcasing various talents, inventions, businesses and entrepreneurs all geared towards creating awareness on the diverse ingenious engagements of individuals in a bid to combat poverty, distinguish themselves from the crowd  and live more quality lives.

Why we do what we do: hustlewella believes in adding value to the hustle of others and that is why we join hands with small & medium scale businesses and entrepreneurs in showcasing their brands online in order to reach more target audience, increase sale and grow into global business phenomenon. Hustlewella shines the light on people’s passion/pursuits and on hidden talents, promote self sufficiency and celebrate hard work and genuine wealth creation endeavours.

Who can be featured on hustlewella and how: Individuals who produce/manufacture products, render services, fill a particular void in the society, hidden talents, inventors and handicapped people involved in various self development and income generating endeavours despite their handicap. How to feature your brand on hustlewella? simply send in your hustle to or contact hustlewella on its social media handles below.

Advertising on the hustlewella platform: hustlewella offers advertising opportunities to companies, schools, boutiques, salons, gyms, training Centers, supermarkets, MLM (Networking) businesses, private  product marketing etc. at affordable rates.

Hustlewella video series and future pursuits: Hustlewella video series  showcasing the lives and business journey of  budding entrepreneurs and the individuals/brands featured on hustlewella blog was launched in August 2019

Business workshops, trainings, expositions, partnerships/sponsorships, television show etc. are some of the things you should look out for from the hustlewella brand.

Hope I have been able to answer your questions about the hustlewella brand. Please leave me a comment below if you have further questions or thoughts you want to share about hustlewella.

Yours’ truly,

Uche Ucheka
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