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Friday, July 21, 2017


An incident last week changed my perspective on everything that had to do with my hustlewella brand.
It was Tuesday evening my hustlewella content feature day. I was back from work, hurriedly made dinner, showered, ate and hit my hustlewella work station (on top of my bed ooo… with my laptop, phones and journal…Home office and study still on my wish list). I turned on the laptop to start work and behold the battery was drained!!
 How could this have happened? The laptop charger had stopped working the previous day, so I borrowed a charger and charged the laptop with the intent of using it to post the next day and then source for a charger later.
So here I was, laptop dead, no charger, PHCN chose that crucial night to “hold” their power, everything I needed for the posting was in the laptop, it was already past 8pm and I “really” had to post that night (consistency target).
I was at a total loss as to what next to do. The person’s charger I used the previous day lived far from me and inaccessible at that time of the night, the nearest cyber café to me doesn’t allow personal laptops but I could still go and cry for mercy even if just to power the laptop a bit…problem was I had issues with my left leg and barely managed it through the day, it was swollen and I was already limping. So going out that night was not an option except I was not ready to use that same leg to go to work the next day and though that cyber café is the closest to me, it was still quite a walking distance.
Ok …so my two best bets were hubby and my brother who I know will always run to my rescue whenever I’m a fix (we all need people like that). Phone call to hubby, he was stuck in traffic and still in Lagos mainland (we live at Ajah). Phone call to my brother, he was driving and can’t talk at the moment…will call me back (he didn’t even hear what I had to say). Confusion, panic and all their relatives had found a human dwelling for the night. WhatsApp chat (more like wailing from you know who) with my bestie did nothing to assuage me…all suggested options were met with custom made obstacles.
Fast forward to 10:30pm, PHCN had restored power yah! Light has come minus one problem right? Still no charger to power the laptop. Hubby came home with my brother right behind him…both analyzed the situation, tried to calm me down and failed woefully. I was inconsolable. They couldn’t understand why I was turning the situation into a do or die affair (like I even understood why myself!!!). Brother went home with a promise to look for charger for me, hubby turned into a charger technician, conducting all manner of experiments with the two dead laptop chargers in the house.
The shrill of my phone woke me up. Apparently I had drifted off. Hubby was dozing right beside me. Bits and pieces of what used to be laptop chargers were scattered on the floor (hubby the experimenter had succeeded in mutilating the uncooperative chargers). It was 11:40pm my brother was calling. He had a laptop charger waiting for me outside. I jumped out of bed…grabbed the charger…plugged the laptop and started working. At about 1:30am I was done. And then I breathed!!! Oh yes I knew when I actually breathed…All those hours and I was only just going through the breathing motions but I actually truly breathed only after I had done my posting. I knew I had only a few hours before my 4:30am work alarm rang, but I was fulfilled.
And then it dawned on me!!! My passion for my hustlewella dream was much deeper than I thought. When they asked if I must post that night, my inner me was screaming yes I must…even the few minutes I dozed off brought me dreams of hustlewella…the fear of procrastination and then giving up gripped me real bad that night. Now I know it’s no longer just a dream or an aspiration, it is a purpose discovered.
Ever had any similar purpose revealing incident? Please leave me a comment below let’s share in your story.
Uche Ucheka


  1. Wow!
    I will simply title this incident as "A Test Of Passion"

  2. Most times obstacles are God's way of telling to get prepared as the road would be bumpy but your doggedness and zeal will see you through....

    No one understands your dream like you 😘 am happy you are chasing it down!

    How is the leg now, hope better? We look forward to more post on hustlewell

    1. Thank you so much dear. Yes the leg is a lot better

  3. I remember that night, I really wished I could get a charger across from the mainland to Ajah to you that night cos it really felt like a do or die thing..
    I thank God that miraculously a charger was found at that time of the night and you finally did the post.
    I love your passion for your hustlewella dream.. I personally am encouraged and motivated by it.
    God's grace bestie.