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Monday, June 12, 2017

Check Out Brian Siawe's Hustle with his TSWEED Brand!!

For the love of creativity!!! This young man is making a difference with his talent!!

Name: Brian Tamaraubunnugha Siawe

Brand Name : TSWEED

Products: Hand bags, purses, travel bags, lapel roses, bow ties, souvenirs etc.

Education: Graduated from Enugu State University of Science and Technology with a 2'2 in Statistics

Driving Passion: Creativity "I have always loved doing things with my hand creatively. So it was my love for hand work that gave birth to what I do today".

Current Business Challenge: Funding and limited exposure to target market.

Business Expansion Wish:  To have TSWEED products sold at various online platform such as Konga, Jumia etc.

Contact: Phone: 07068453762



Facebook:Brian Tammy Siawe

HUSTLE QUOTE:  "Dare to be different and make a difference while you are at it."
Trendy Bags and Belts


Comfy Sandals

Easy wear slippers

Tsweed light trip bags

Bow Ties

Tsweed Back Pack

Easy wear Slippers

 Quality Sandals

Souvenir Bags

Lapel Roses