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Monday, June 26, 2017

Achieve your Comfortable Trendy Looks Today with Ilogebe Darlington's Brand Trendy Designers:Dressing you to comfort...

Ilogebe Darlington has taken it upon himself to ensure we all are dressed to comfort with his brand, Trendy Designers. Hurry and contact him today for your affordable comfy wears!!!!
Name:  Ilogebe Darlington
Brand Name: Trendy Designers
Products: Trendy and comfortable attires for males and females (Senator, dansiki, 1500 etc.),
Education: University of Nigeria Nsukka, Bsc. Marketing.
Business Idea:The love and heart-warming comments from people gave me the business idea to go commercial. Originally I wanted to learn make my outfit and stay away from disappointment from tailors
Driving Passion:
My talent and passion for art and creativity drove me into fashion and design”
Product Distinction: Superb finishing touch, Top notch unique Designs. Timely delivery in any part of the country as agreed. 
Current Business Challenge: Inadequate fund for expansion. 
Business Expansion Wish: @trendydesiners, it's our wish to have outlet in major cities in Nigeria and beyond. And to organize Fashion and design exhibitions in Nigeria in the nearest future.  
Hustle Quote: “Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today, let's dress you to comfort
Contact: Phone: 08066933402, Email:, Facebook:, Twitter:@trendydesiners